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Monday, January 26, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Who, & what is Waldo in this story? Well Waldo is a bead... Waldo is a bead made out of something that is then wrapped in Double Helix's silver glass triton. Triton is one of their idiot proof glasses anyone can get this to strike! Well I made a bunch of beads last summer and they flew out of the gallery as soon as they were made into bracelets... so I thought I need to start making stock for next summer.. I don't care if it's - 30 and you can't stand up straight because of the ice.. it's time to start thinking summer!

So I grabbed my stand by 'ivory' and made some beads wrapped in triton... they didn't seem to be as yellow as I remembered from last year.. so I pulled out a rod of Opal Yellow and made one bead with an Opal yellow base that bead is Waldo.... I can't find poor Waldo... Can YOU? It might be the one in the middle ... actually in the photograph there is more of a difference (but I think the difference is that that bead is slightly bigger...) than there is to the naked eye. What I'm wondering is can you use any glass as a base and then wrap it in triton and reduce it and have it come out the same?

I tried effretre's fossil which is quite grey.. it comes out a bit darker but still very yellow... does this glass turn all the opaques yellow?

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Orion Designs said...

I think Waldo is in the middle, as you suggested. :)