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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallowe'en

As promised Lezlie Belanger's witch, she had a name but I don't remember it...  We would both like to wish everybody a Happy DRY Hallowe'en , we still have rain here but hoping it dries out before evening!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

JAC October blog Carnival, Hallowe'en..

Is Hallowe'en all about colour, has it taken over fall as a season or is it about images?

As you can tell from my collage I like Hallowe'en jewellery....  And I will quite happily buy it from other people (sorry the numbers are so tiny.. they looked huge when I was editing)

1 Skeleton earrings, came from Clairs 15 years ago, they used to be silver coloured, love these!
2 Sugar skulls day of the Dead, My beads, my jewellery, New this year check my etsy store.
3 Pig Pumpkin Bead NLC Beads Nikki
4 My Beads Torch fired enameled metal filagree beads in black and orange
5 My chainmaille bracelet with large holed lampwork beads
6 Beach glass earrings from Seaglassthings
7 My Scarecrow Pendant... his head is hollow, no straw!
8 My witches hat and ghost earrings, Beads occasionally show up in my etsy store
9 A boro pendant from Boomwire
    Silk cord from jamnglass
10 A pair of earrings I bought from Rocio Bearer Last year at Halowe'en 

I have more.... But thought this was a good representation, actually the chainmaille bracelet is in the gallery, it's way too long for me!  I realized after I wrote this that I forgot my favorite Hallowe'en bead check back on Hallowe'en to see Lezlie Belanger's ( Cankeep  )Witch !

As other blogs  Jewelry Artisan Blogs come live I'll add the links!

Ponder The Cat

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Almost wordless wednesday & BTW

What's on my 'bead table' this week... (this week 'my bead table'  would be most of the kitchen table and unfortunatly for my family it isn't food!) Sorry you can't see it it's my project for Artisan Whimsy's introducing the brits Blog Hop .  I chose to do a piece inspired by the Isle of Whyte...  I'm sure my picking the  island out of the group has nothing to do with the fact that I live on an island... You will get to see what's on my kitchen table on Monday Nov 12.

But I have more on my kitchen table than the 2 strands of 'beads' that I'm trying to figure out how to tastefully join together, I have my commissioned tree of life Cherry blossom beads....  One of these is sold, but I'm not sure which one....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Almost wordelss wednesday and BTW

This is actually the back of a bead... The front is lovely but I just love the texture and colours on this side!

If you want to see the front of this bead it's in my etsy store

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Grape Pie (New Thanksgiving Tradition?)

OK I don't really like traditional Pumpkin Pie... My mother made an unbaked chiffon pie ... to me that's Pumpkin Pie... the stuff the stores sell and most people make is YUCKY!  I planted a grape vine when we moved here in 2001 (actually the spring of 2002)  4 years ago it got moved because I planted it in a really stupid place... Just outside the door to my Bead shop... Yes it was taking over the doorway.  Last year we had a fair number of grapes... This year it's covered in gorgeous purple grapes... what kind are they?  PURPLE!

I knew I had a recipe for a grape pie in a handwritten recipe book.... I looked at it, looks easy.. neglecting the fact that each and every grape had to be squeezed and separated then my sieve clogged so I moved to the colander but of course a certain percentage of the seeds went through the colander holes.....

 You can see a bowl of the grapes hiding behind the pie!
But other than the fact I don't think that it needed the lemon juice it was great!  And it even cut nicely!  Will it become a new Thanksgiving Tradition.. maybe if the grapes continue to thrive!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday

What I've been seeing when I open my kilns this week!

The ones on the left are frozen frit... think I need to pack my mold harder and the ones on the left are Sugar Skulls inspired by  Debi Cogwell's  (Palm Tree Queen) tutorial in the October issue of Soda Lime Times ...  I have so many little bits of stringers... I could make these beads forever!