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Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 22: Foodie

Focus on life ... week 22 Foodie or "what ya eatin'?"

A bag of cheezies or a bag of taco chips would be very appropriate pictures for this prompt...
So here you see a bag of Hawkins cheezies... made with real cheese... Yes my culinary abilities do make it to ripping open a bag of cheezies!

 But since this is lobster season on the East Coast I thought maybe this was the week to indulge...  Bugs before dinner..... Playing on the kitchen floor, bands get removed before cooking as they are suppose to affect the flavor.
Bugs after dinner!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Week 21: Reminisce

Focus on Life ... week 21's prompt
 This week capture what takes you back to moments past and reminisce a little.

I thought that I was being so smart this week...
when I was digging my shovel out of the garage mothers day... (the only nice day we've had this spring)... I remembered seeing  my pogo stick.  My former brother in law gave it to me when I was in hospital having my foot operated on when I was in Grade 12, when I saw this weeks prompt my pogo stick instantly came to mind... it was a 'no brainer'... problem was I waited until this morning to photograph said pogo stick and discovered that what I thought was my pogo stick was actually the handle for an old lawn mower... Not my pogo stick.

The handle for a push  lawn mower did bring back memories of mowing the family lawn with one. We did have  an electric mower but I insisted on using the push mower. Dad would stand on the side walk and tell everyone that was walking by that we had an electric mower.. and that I was mowing the lawn with the push mower because I wanted to!

It is now 2 pm on Friday afternoon, (pouring rain) & my brilliant idea is a bust.. my crutches were in the rafters in the garage, but they don't bring back memories of my orthopedic surgeon grabbing the pogo stick off the end of the bed and almost launching himself out the window of my hospital room at the old Edmonton General...

So you will have to settle for a picture of my cactus... which does not flower faithfully every year like my fathers.  Every summer dad would move his cactii which is the parents to mine outside and they would each get 8 or 10 flowers. My mother would drag the neighbours over to 'ooh and awe' over them. Mine has bloomed once in the back seat of the truck when we were moving it out here.... Instead of flowering it hatches babies every year, which you can break off and plant.  The original cactus was dug up in Southern Alberta long ago!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Week 20- Look Up

Focus on Life ... week 20... LOOK UP!

Since it is pouring rain today and none of our trees are in bloom I walked around the house and the gallery looking up...  Here's a selection of things I found... 
(No cobwebs were damaged during this photographic session!)
The mobile that hung in the house I grew up in from the time I was 5 until I took it down 2 years ago when I was helping to move my parents into a seniors condo complex... It is now hanging in my 'family room' and if my sister sees this picture she's going to say... 'Why did you get that?'

The Tiffany lamp that took me 6 years to build... at one point I had all the white pieces cut out  in piles on the dryer... my son who was then 3  was in the basement... I asked him what he was doing he came to the bottom of the stairs with a pail.. I didn't look in the pail and said OK have fun... he was carefully transferring all my unlabeled neatly piled pieces of white glass from the dryer to the pail... they stayed in the pail for 4 years!  Once finished, the lamp hung over my dining room table in SK for 10 years ... after we moved here I added loops to the inside and flipped it upside down.. (the ceiling where it is now is  12 feet)

One wall of  the  gallery which has 10 foot ceilings.... The two fused pieces in the middle are mine.  

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quotes to live by or "WORDS HAVE MEANING"

The Artists Synchroblog (May) – The Artists Synchroblog is a group of bloggers who post every other month on the same topic, sharing our experience or perspective. On alternate months we undertake a Pinterest Project where we each take inspiration from a pinterest picture, create something (art, a meal, a DIY project, etc) and then post about it.

I don't really have any favorite sayings... so I went with the old standby 

"The grass is always greener on the other side....

In my case I've always wanted to live somewhere where palm trees can be grown outside. I made that comment in my focus on life blog last weekend and got numerous comments back from people who had palm trees on how much they disliked them!

But this is the view out the window of the gallery  today rain and a blooming forsythia... nary a palm tree in site... but my grass is GREEN!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Week 19 HOPE

Focus on life week 19... HOPE... it's spring I hope that I have a lovely garden... as you can see my 'spring' flowers are off to a good start... Aren't they lovely!
 We also seem to have hit fog season... but when it's not foggy the black flies are out and biting, so do I want my eyes swollen shut or damp cold days....
Since I own a seasonal gallery what I am actually hoping for, is that we will have lovely weather and that lots of tourists will stray onto my island!

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Week 18 Abstract Photography

Focus on Life week 18....  Sally suggested that we google abstract photography.. this was my "first hit"...  I'm seeing close up macro I think collaging random shaped chunks of photographs would make a neat abstract photo too... but that's beyond my limited photodestructive capabilities!

So here we go

Palm tree... my goal in life is too live somewhere that palm trees can be grown outside....

But for now I'll have to settle for the indoor variety....

Took quite a few pictures of beads... only to discover that I am a horrible housekeeper and all you could see was dust...
This orchid currently has two flower stocks... the most recent one is a different colour...
Yesterday for a change was totally calm.. so I couldn't resist throwing in a picture I took of one of the government fishing wharves.
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