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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Origins of Valentines Day

I was sent a request to review a book... The book was eaten by the postal system so never got reviewed.... So instead of reviewing the book I am posting an article on the origins of Valentines Day written by "Jassy de Jong the  author of the book I was suppose to review....

And I can't do a blog post without an image so in honour of valentines day here's one of my "Dance of the 7 Viels Heart" beads

I confess... I love Valentine’s Day.

Some call it over-commercialized. I say that’s just as well. Thank goodness for all those entrepreneurs out there, designing cards with hearts and glitter, and making teddy bears on sticks and ruby pendants and chocolates with red wrappers, and growing long stemmed roses. I mean, what would we give as gifts otherwise? Easter eggs? Pumpkins?

Some call it schmaltzy. Well, what do you expect? It’s a day celebrating love. Soppy, doting, romantic, couply love. It’s all about hand holding, intertwined fingers, long, deep gazes into each other’s eyes. It’s about saying, “You’re so amazing,” and getting the answer, “No, you’re so amazing, and then saying, “I’m so glad I met you,” and hearing, “No, I’m so glad I met you. Here, have some more champagne.”

I googled the origins of Valentine’s Day... I had a confused idea it was something to do with a saint rescuing a lot of animals, which sounded loving and very appropriate for a day filled with so much caring. But I found out I was wrong. The animal rescuer was St. Francis of Assisi and his celebration day is on October 4.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t quite have the romantic roots I hoped it would. The ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia from February 13-15. During this time they sacrificed a goat and a dog, and then, while drunk and naked, whipped the women with the hides of the slaughtered animals. Say what? I’m struggling to see the romance in that. Apparently the women believed that a good beating made them more fertile, so they eagerly lined up for their punishment.

There was a matchmaking lottery as part of the festivities, where names were drawn out of a hat. If the match was right, the couple would get together for the duration of the festival.

Of course, it wouldn’t be ancient Rome if there weren’t some executions involved. History tells us that Emperor Claudius II executed two men, both called Valentine, on February 14th, during different years of his reign. Why on the same day? Who knows? But as a result, the Catholic Church began commemorating this day to honor their martyrdom.

It seems a big leap from whippings and slaughterings, to restaurants with elegantly designed menus featuring oysters, with tables set up for two. But seriously, aren’t we lucky in today’s modern times to be able to unwrap a carefully chosen gift while waiting for our heart shaped chocolate mousse to be served, instead of watching somebody flaying a dead goat before they start flogging us with the skin?

Valentine’s Day. It’s all about gratitude.

Oh, and love, of course.


Jassy de Jong was inspired to write her first novel, Random Violence, after getting hijacked at gunpoint in her own driveway.  She has written several other thrillers including Stolen Lives and The Place for Fallen Horses. De Jong also edits a hair and beauty magazine.  She lives in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg with her partner Dion, two horses and two cats.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Having a hard time posting without the weekly prompts..  12 days ago we had green grass ... then On Saturday Jan 24th we had snow...  Sunday was warm and it sort of melted.. enough to make everything icy... Then on Tues Jan 27 we had what was forecast as the storm of the century....  OK more snow ...  Then on Saturday Jan 31 we had a little Blizzard way more snow and wind than the storm of the century.... Sunday morning I jokingly said better go check the weather to see what time the next storm is starting...  HA HA Monday noonish... still yet more snow...  And the forecast for tonight is another 30 cm ( or 14 inches if you prefer Imperial!)

Here's a link to a blog post I did 6 years ago when I thought we had a lot of snow in Feb snow-snow-go-away  Here's a picture I took this morning 
Remember the railing in the picture from 2009 beside the lamp post... It's GONE!

This is the view out the dining room window.. my very own Matterhorn!

Guess what folks I don't like snow anymore!

This is a close to the same angle as the 2009 picture as I could get.. hard to see over the snow banks left by the plow truck!  The 2009 snow was wet most of this snow has been accompanied by blowing snow and frigid temps!