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Saturday, July 7, 2018

It's HOT!!

Just had 3 really hot muggy days think the temp peaked out at 37 C which is exactly 100 F... warm enough even for me!

The Gallery will be closed  July 14  and 15, 2018 (next weekend!)
We will be sailing near Campobello for the weekend.  The Canada Race was a 4 way tie for First, the 5th boat was disqualified because it started it's engine.

Latest batch of poppies.

St Andrew's fire works on Canada Day

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Summer 2018

Yes summer is officially here...  I have bought all sorts of yummy new plants for the deer to eat... They seem to be focusing on last year honeysuckle, the day lilies and my new haskap berries...  which I noticed today are a form of honeysuckle no wonder the deer like them  they look like long blueberries... or would if they had any flowers to set fruit!
Irises that I imported from SK guess the Deer Island Deer don't recognize them as food!
If anyone local is reading this the gallery is open for the season however I'm going to crew on my husbands boat selective race weekends this summer including July 1, check my blog Fireballbeeds for weekends that I'm closed.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Happy New Year (2018) & where did 2017 go?

Oops is all I can say about 10 months of missing posts in  2017....   All I remember is it ended in the deep freeze which is where 2018 started...  one day it snows the next day it rains... today it is snowing.. I'm hibernating until we leave for warmer  climes...

My alpha  male Sir Emmit 'woke up dead' to quote my mother on Sunday morning.. he just slowly faded away.. he will be missed the other two cats are already trying to kill each other  without the peace maker in the house!

The day we brought him home from The SPCA....

5 years later

Showing true grumpy cat Christmas spirit!

Yea I love cuddles!

Posing for his portrait... the Christmas collar lasted 30 seconds after he went outside never found it!

Giant cat.. pointing out that he really is a little grey person and is entitled to use person doors not'cat' doors!
Today is snowing.. I'm hoping to go pat my torch on the head later today.. at least it's only -4 C now not - 20 which feels like -90 with the wind howling off the North Atlantic!

Anyway wishing everyone a wonderful  2018!