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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 2 of #createeverydayMy first snow angel in years

So far so good....
My first snow angel in years...  As soon as my husband got the snow blower going he sent it to heaven... The rain would have washed it away anyway....

My latest diabolical puzzle all the remaining pieces appear to be the same colour!

My Dill 14 days after planting...  everything is now up except the Chives, tomorrow is day 21 which is suppose to be their outside range for germination.

Air hammered copper strip

 Sort of poncho  Waiting for buttons

Buttons  waiting to be enamelled

Snow is gone Sun is shining today and it's suppose to get back above freezing... think my plants may be getting very confused!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Week 1 of #createeveryday 2017

I decided to join a challenge on FB which involves posting a picture of something 'creative' every day during 2017... since I know a lot of people who don't do FB I decided to do a compilation of  the pictures every weekend... See how long I last.....
Wishing everyone a wonderful 2017

The great white hunter... the log pile  is his creation not mine I just took the picture!

The remains of the Abnaki I a former Deer Island Car Ferry We have watched this Ferry collapse during the 15 years we've lived here (My view from the kitchen table and no I don't know what this has to do with #createeveryday... my inspiration?)

One of the plants in the Aero Garden I got for Christmas (8 days after planting)

Kipper snacks in glass  

Lobster mitts.. One of last summers hits in the gallery
(made from Thaki Donegal Tweed yarn)
A 12" * 2" piece of 22 gauge copper folded
(this is a teaser, what do you think it is destined to be?)

Playing with a colouring book and water colour pencil crayons... Have to colour in the book if I want to use water colour crayons as the black lines on a copy run!

I think you will probably see weekly pictures of my aero garden, not sure what else will become a weekly feature time will tell.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Port aransas Texas last month

Jelly fish Corpus Christi Aquarium

Turtle off of the Port Aransas Breakwater
(Only took 200 pictures!)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Do dogs belong in private galleries... Simple answer NO!

OK.. You're right I haven't been here for awhile.. spent 4 weeks in Florida this winter then attended my fathers memorial in Alberta ... 12000 miles or something in the car..  (MY POOR BUTT!)  We took the scenic route from FL to Alberta.   Moab was probably the highlight  we were there were 10000 jeep type vehicles...

When we got to Alberta it was  in the 70's the end of March;  Ottawa was -5 a week later.. I had to break out real shoes for the first time in 7 weeks....We actually  took the Auto train from Lorton VA to Fl so didn't drive that segment going down... it was interesting.. but wouldn't do it in the summer.  Most of it was overnight so you see very little.... but it was a good way to avoid a whole bunch of winter driving!

As for the title of this blog.. I run a gallery "Fireball Gallery" , lords cove NB:  I specialize in work done by Canadian Women (including myself).  My gallery is on a small island in the Bay of Fundy it really is an island you have to take a ferry!  I am open 7 days a week from sometime in June most years until mid September. i am the ONLY emplyee! ( However this year I'm actually closing Aug 24th... more on that in a future post!).  The gallery is attached/part of  the house....  I regularly have customers that think FIDO is welcome in my gallery ... WELL GUESS WHAT .. he isn't I have 3 cats.. 

Meet Sir Emmitt ... he really doesn't like dogs!
Other than maybe as a light snack in between mice!
leave your dogs in the car or walk them on the road....  I'm really sorry Charlie had his face ripped off this week I told you I had 3 cats... I really don't care if Charlie your 90 pound Golden Retriever is friendly Sir Emmit my 10 pound male grey cat didn't like you!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


It's been a couple of years since I last participated in this.. I've done an ornament exchange the last couple of years.. but I can't really see anyone wanting this one.. Actually it might look nice on the glass of the front door but it's way too heavy for my charlie brown tree..... actually the enameled leaves are really a much closer colour match than they appear to be in these pictures!

Holly with a bad hair day!

White bead is lampwork (mine) most of the components are copper wire or enameled copper sheet.  the holly berries are seed beads.

Hopefully the link to the hop will be added tomorrow?
ornament-blog-hop-party 2015

The list of participants is at the bottom of the blog!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More on cat head pendants....

My first cat head commission was Tucker a black cat with a white chin...  I didn't even have a picture of him  I can visualize that.....

Next a Calico cat called Calipso  Cali for short as you can see she has nice regular markings... and that orange colour isn't a glass colour that is made... and she hissed at the photographer....

Markings for bead...  I found it was too difficult to keep looking at the photos and the bead is flat...
left one done from photo blech,  #2 I ran out of propane half way through, so while I was reheating it I  remixed my orange glass to finish this bead so  it has two colours of orange, 3 the whiskers are too fat, but I like the chin # 4 ..... will have to do!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Playing with paper.....

Prototype paper necklace..  Made from paper strips, the blue beads are etched glass and the orange seed beads are seed beads which are an awesome colour and also an awesome price  (ie expensive!)

Since I really enjoy wearing my paper necklace I made one for a New Brunswick charity auction, hopefully at least two  someone 'elses' will like this!  It also has small round amethysts between the beads.
Since Auction pieces need titles...
It's called