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Monday, July 25, 2022

 It's been  a couple of years since I was here..Guess I shut down for COVID.  Last two weekends I have been sitting on our sailboat staying of of the captains way and fetching beer.  Last weekend was the rum runners race and I managed to maintain my title of the Rum Queen.  Think it may be time to retire so I keep my perfect record.  Saturday and Sunday just past was the Roosevelt Cup .... Saturday was decent lets just say we finished on Sunday.  Then had to come home in the fog try and find a mooring ball in a harbor full of scows at 10 o:clock at night....  I seem to be doing very few beads any more mainly needle felting and enameling

My finished Rooster

This my rooster in progress looks like Foghorn Leghorn?

New size of poppies Have them in the gallery this summer, & yes I am still open

Friday, July 17, 2020

More Flowers... Spring 2020

My magnolia in May

Lupins in front of the house

The yard.... June 2020

Close up of the weigela

Chocolate Cove Lupins

Sunday, June 16, 2019

More spring flowers and my new 'ghost-rope' rug

Found this blooming beside my sign this morning!  My first lupin  of the season, technically mine aren't wild because I grew them from seeds and then transplanted them onto the bank.....
I took a recycled fishing rope rug class Thursday night...  This is mine, wanted black rope but I guess they don't make it anymore so I'll have to look out for 40 + feet of black rope lying around somewhere!
My rug!

More flowers!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Spring Flowers... Real and Imaginary

Yep I think we might have summer... at least a very late spring.  Finally put away my parka, and trying to persuade the plants that have been shivering on my deck for the last month that it's safe to grow again!  My ornamental crab is just starting to bloom....
Enameled Poppies ...

Ornamental Crab.. Think this should have bloomed two weeks ago...

Deer Proof Echinacea
And the Gallery is open most days!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Baby It's Cold Outside

It's too bad when people have nothing better to do than dissect songs from our youth.  When you buy a house that was built in the 1920's lots of what would now be building code violations are grandfathered in... unless you alter the wiring you don't have to upgrade it/change it  unless you want to, so why should radio stations quit playing songs that we have listened to our entire lives because someone finds it offensive... sorry if you don't like it turn off the radio!  And yes it is cold outside here!  We went from HOT HOT SUMMER to winter this year... not sure what happened to fall!

How to entertain yourself when it's too cold to do anything outside!
This is a 'diamond painting'
size 40 cm * 40 cm
25600 'diamonds' were applied to make this
kept me out of trouble for a long time!

And the only beads I've made recently are from a German white wine bottle... the glass was a really lovely blue!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Another Canada Post strike..............

Thanks to Canada Post I have Officially moved Christmas 2018 to Mid March 2019, unless you live within driving distance of me you will not be receiving gifts until March and cards probably never.  I am not paying $45 to 'ship' a 3 pound parcel across Canada so that it can be under the tree on Christmas Day  Forget it!...  Canada Posts rates are bad enough !  And I will not add to the backlog of letters etc in Toronto by mailing Christmas Cards........

I actually missed the beginning of the strike as we spent 18 days in AZ... the weather was lovely, which it was not and still is not here... We have SNOW Gack....
We spent out first morning in AZ at the AZ Sonora Desert Museum, Thunderstorms hit about 12:45 so we left to avoid getting stuck on the wrong side of  a raging torrent... think this place is worthy of a repeat visit!

This was flaming sushi... which means it really wasn't sushi anymore since the flames basically cooked it.. was fun watching it flame though!

Painted petroglyph Park, definitely worth the $2.00 parking fee!


 The closet thing to a selfie that you will ever see me post!

Standin' on a corner in Winslow AZ... such a fine sight to see
And yes there is a flat bed Ford parked there!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fall already....

The only good thing about fall is getting to wear Halowe'en Jewellery!  Recently I've been playing around with enamels and my automotive hydraulic press...
Spider cat.. someone pointed out that he appears to be terrified of the spider hanging off his back leg!

Enameled Ghosts and witches hats
 (Found the funky earring stand in a store going out of business in Key West last winter)

Original enameled cats with their own personal pumpkins!

Today is the end of the sailing season the boat is having it's mast taken down.  I crewed on 4 races  this summer and we won them all... No thanks to me... the 2 races he had friends crewing he didn't do so well, I think to much time was spent drinking and chatting, he also won the only race he did solo.

Since it's still lovely here I'm headed back to the deck with my book!