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Saturday, July 11, 2015

A typical Saturday... One can only hope not!

This morning after spending the last 4 days going through every bucket of beads in the  350 sq/ft room I've claimed for my beads: at least 5 times.... I picked up a drawer with silver findings to put it back where it should belong, and guess what the missing beads were under the drawer...grrr  

Then my first customer of the day came in and said :
"well you won't have very many customers for awhile" 

Me "why?"

Her "that little girl"

Me "what little girl"

Her "well they found a dead little girl on Deer Island"

Me " there are a lot of Deer Islands and I haven't seen a cop car here since last summer, so I don't think so"

Her " there is more than one place called Deer Island????"

Me  "3 or 4 that I can think of"

Her  "Oh"

And guess what I had never even heard of Deer Island MA part of the greater Boston area  where the body was found, so there is now another Deer Island....  With the internet how can someone be out by that far on location!
ie: be that ignorant.. or is it stupid?

And what is a blog without an image...
A 'Netfloat' bracelet'  hand wound hollow beads made from Caliente Glass... and yes I have a fairly significant stash!