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Friday, November 29, 2013

Week 48 ` Giving Thanks

Focus on Life... Only 5 weeks left including today's

Not being an American... this isn't Thanksgiving weekend.. So what did I have to give thanks for this week
The nice Canada Post delivery person showed up with my new computer!  

So here is my "computer unpacking -  collage" including a picture of the 'postie's ' car backing up the driveway!
When did computers join the age of disposable commodities?

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Friday, November 22, 2013


Focus on life.....  Only 5 more weeks of prompts before I have to come up with my own ideas of what to write and photograph every week!   The 'Focus on Life' blog post could easily make it as the focus of my week... so not sure what I'll do next year... who's going to take over when Sally's done?  

Here's a look at what I think of when I hear Centerpiece.......
Top picture is the dining room table...  which I cleaned off Sunday before I got Sally's prompt... Hasn't been totally usable since my 50thy birthday (2006)  Unreliable Internet is causing all sorts of surfaces I haven't seen in years to be found!) Bottom image is kitchen table... meet Stanley He's the resident scare-crow and is very quick to point out that there hasn't been a single crow dead or alive in the house in the 4 years since he took up residence... in spite of lack of crows his plants aren't very healthy! (as per most artists there is both a bottle of weld bond and a tube of silicon on the table!  There was also a spiders web this morning going from the salt grinder to the light fixture... I used the salt last night at supper!)

But here's what I think of when I apply Sally's definition
 The central most important feature of my day... 

This picture was taken Christmas Day 2008.. normally I spend an hour reading in the hot tub after supper.. unless it's raining haven't figured out how to keep the book dry when it's raining ... or if it's too windy  my hands freeze.  Love watching the moon rising and the clouds in the evening
You'll have to settle for a day time view from the hot tub... actually lying down on the deck trying to get the angle I would have if I'd been in the hot tub....
No I don't have my computer back... my house is getting clean!  My laptop...puts words anywhere any everywhere goes on and off line and is thouroughly annoying... One hour a day is all I can handle!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 46 Reflections

Week 46   Reflections
Lobster season officially started on Tuesday... however our weather on Monday and  Tuesday was not conducive to being out in small boats....  We were watching these traps being loaded onto a scow on Wednesday morning... I had no sooner come into the house after taking this picture when a squall blew through! 
This was suppose to be longer but my ethernet card (connection to the internet) fried about the time I was going to write this...  So I'm using a tiny laptop... after trying to get my other computer to work for the last couple of hours!  So I'm reflecting on life before the internet....

Friday, November 8, 2013

Week 45- Industrial Photography

Focus on Life... week 45 only 7 more weeks, will I make it without missing a week?

Living on a small island where the main industry is fishing  My industial photographs are pictures of fishing gear between seasons.....
 part of a flounder rig
scallop dragging gear
:Lobster traps that should be in the water soon, as lobster season starts on Tuesday!

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Week 44~ Saints, Souls, Sugar Skulls and Scares

Focus on Life: 8 weeks left until 2014 is over... Where has the year gone.. Have I posted even once this year where Sally Russick  didn't give me the prompt... what will happen to my blog next year? Now that is really SCARY!
Peter peaking over the shrubs, We've had him for about 10  years... he was vandalized once by humans and once by deer...  It's really hard to sew patches onto a giant pumpkin!

Peter and the Punks... the punks get to stay out until Christams I bought them santa hats at the $ store  My son thinks I'm totally weird!

I actually made these beads last year...
Should make more as they are fun to make!

Hey mommy this is a Hallowe'en blog... don't forget me!
Little Miss helpful ... just doing her job!

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