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Friday, November 28, 2014

Week 48: Bliss(ful)


:extremely happy; full of joy
:providing perfect happiness or great joy.

Well I'm going to point out that 6 inches of wet snow with a layer of ice on top is neither blissful nor does it make the house shoveller happy or full of joy... fortunately he is home or there would have been a crooked little trail one shovel wide escaping up the driveway....  
I don't see many breakfast coffees on this deck in the near future a fact which I find totally depressing, I love sitting out here in the summer....

I am happy that my birds did fly west this week... and that all the rest of my Christmas orders are done
and should be shipped by Monday!

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Week 47 ~ Hope(ful)

After two weeks in my cold unheated dungeon I am hopeful that my bird order will be flying out of here Monday... I have a few birds left to solder then final cleaning and packing...  Here's a few of them  waiting to fly west (for the winter)....
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Week 46: ~ Faith(ful)

Focus on Life week 46   Ugh..   That means there are only 6 weeks left in 2014 where did it go?
What does Faith(ful) mean....
:loyal, constant, and steadfast.
:having a strong belief 
"The toughest thing to do sometimes is have faith.  Faith in yourself, your path in this big crazy world.  We get so down on ourselves and its tough to climb out of the hole.  This week we will focus on being full of faith and  happy with our everyday lives."

Anyone who follows/friend-ed me on FB will be familiar with the following image..  I have enameled copper poppies in my etsy store  Nov 10 I had a custom order for 8 red poppies with black centers... The woman thought she was ordering something from the image in the store... she wasn't but I had faith that I could figure out how to do the order  and this is what I made....
"Least we Forget"

The same day at supper I got a call out of the blue from a store that I used to make stained glass birds for in the 90's wanting an order  I haven't made any of them for over 5 years but the glass is still in the dungeon so that's where I'll be for the next couple of weeks...  Our basement is really damp and unheated and as the snow falls outside the window I'd even rather be shoveling the driveway then stuck in the dungeon making birds... but I said I would do it and have the order shipped by Dec 1... & I know my faithful companion will not help.... She'll wonder why I am ignoring her .... while she sleeps in front of the oil stove....
Faith (less) Companion !

  Off to play in the dungeon!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Week 45~ Grateful

I'm back; After  32 days 11.865 km (~7,400 miles), 5 provinces, 24 states and Washington DC.. what am I grateful for... the fact that the snow held off until Nov 2, the day after we got home!

Couldn't resist taking a picture of this poor lost beach ball in the stream, it showed up in our yard half way through the sunner

This tree was turning colour  when we left at the end of September, I'm surprised it still has leaves!

The other thing that I'm grateful for is that our brakes failed in a gas station in central Tennessee not going down the mountain into Chattanooga 3 hours later.... Also it was a nice warm sunny day to sit on a curb in a parking lot and read a book for 5 hours!

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