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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week 30 ~Celebrate a moment of life. ...

My husband has a 30 ft Acadian  Yawl called Euridice aka "Money Pit"  The engine quit about a month ago ... So the engine was pulled and turned out to be a pile of rust with very few functioning pieces..  ie it probably should have quit long ago!

My sweet comments along the lines of you wanted a sail boat now you have a SAIL BOAT didn't fly!

Anyway last weekend he finally decided that the engine wasn't going to miraculously re-install itself and work, so he went SAILING...  He actually attended the Roosevelt Cup Race off of Campobello Island.  Sunday afternoon there is a reception that I usually attend.  A couple of us walk on the ferry and get picked up from the ferry landing....  I came home with Captain Jim  and My husband got towed out to his dinghy... Where he got left for the night, the following morning he had to row the dinghy towing the boat for over a mile so that he could catch the tide and start "SAILING" home....  As you can see he did make it!

Not sure this is a moment in life that he will want to remember, and I have discovered that he doesn't listen to anything anyone says unless they are talking about boat engines! So this will always be remembered as the summer of 'boat-brain'.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

week 29 ~ Celebrate sweetness

Well I couldn't persuade my 3 cats to all wander in front of the camera at the same time so you'll have to settle for my flower tower... which survived the hurricane (because the base is broken and we couldn't move it)
Impatience... colours were suppose to be random...

Then there is the bracelet that I made this week...ended up much smaller than intended so I guess I have to keep it!  :)
Leather bracelet with a Raku glass bead
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Week 28 ~Celebrate the Season

What is there to celebrate about Hurricane season?

Our power was only out 3 times totaling 15 hours all during daylight  Neighbors lost power for 5 days... there are people who still don't have it back, None of my trees fell down.. we're sheltered from the NW... however there is lots of softwood firewood laying everywhere else on the island!   My flowers are flat but are starting to pop back up (unless the deer ate them!)

What did I do when the power was out... Played with some barbed needles and some wool
Folk Art Dory's

Fish Scape
Managed to get the second one a bit closer to 'square!'

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Week 27 ~ Celebration

Today is the 4th of July, so all the American's are celebrating today... However Tuesday was Canada Day here... but I live on a small Canadian island right on the border so here we have a  4 day celebration... 

However at the moment we are under a hurricane/tropical storm watch as the first named hurricane fo the year  Arthur is howling up the East Coast... Usually they head out to sea before they get here... ie they don't follow the forecast path.... 

So what else is there to celebrate this week....
My peony  ... this is the first time my peony has bloomed in about 5 years normally it gets buds and they go moldy and I get no flowers!
I wired up a few pendants... A black cat (found this bead in a purse), a green flower bead made with copper slug mesh, and a tribute to the east coast sardine industry "Fresh from the Weir"

And the day I read  what this weeks prompt was going to be  I won a bracelet from Kathleen's blog Four Miles North Of Nowhere (I started reading her blog because that's where I've always thought I lived!)
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