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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fall already....

The only good thing about fall is getting to wear Halowe'en Jewellery!  Recently I've been playing around with enamels and my automotive hydraulic press...
Spider cat.. someone pointed out that he appears to be terrified of the spider hanging off his back leg!

Enameled Ghosts and witches hats
 (Found the funky earring stand in a store going out of business in Key West last winter)

Original enameled cats with their own personal pumpkins!

Today is the end of the sailing season the boat is having it's mast taken down.  I crewed on 4 races  this summer and we won them all... No thanks to me... the 2 races he had friends crewing he didn't do so well, I think to much time was spent drinking and chatting, he also won the only race he did solo.

Since it's still lovely here I'm headed back to the deck with my book!