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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy & Safe New Year!

I've been strangely silent recently, last week we got 6 inches of rain out of two storms two days apart... we then had four days of nice weather than got back to back snow storms... we just had enought time to shovel the first 12 inches of snow when the second storm hit.  I tried to go make beads yesterday and couldn't push my way through the snow to the studio....

A duck in the front yard!
What I've been spending my time doing when the cat allows me near the table and no he isn't allowed on the table and he knows it! 

Happy New Year

 Best Wishes for 2013

Saturday, December 15, 2012

2nd Annual Ornament Swap Blog Hop

Thanks to Sally Russick of Studio Sublime for hosting this! 

This is the polymer clay stocking I got from my partner Tiffany, isn't it pretty? .... Tiffany's stocking  is now hanging proudly on my wonky crooked tree.  I actually think this is the first ornament that someone made for me... I have lots of handmade ornaments but either I bought them or I made them.  This is Tiffiany's link Tiffany Smith

My husband refuses to do more than throw the lights at the tree when it comes to decorating so I get to handle all my ornaments and remember their stories twice a year... &  I  think I did a really good job with this photograph.... !

Check out the other hand made ornaments that were swapped!


D. Lynne Bowland          You are here!

Kristi Jaro

Sorry I set the uplaod time for 1:30 pm not am I'm here now!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday & BTW

The crazy quilt that we bought while we were in NL this fall.....
My first crazy quilt bead... Gord took one looka at it and told me I'd forgoten the spiders web....
This one has a web and is on etsy....  Webs are meant to bring good luck