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Friday, August 30, 2013

Week - 35 'Growth & Change'

Focus on life week 35

 (exactly 2/3 of the way through for anyone who is keeping track!)
I found this week difficult but then I didn't remember that we had a choice....  My counter tops were installed this week,  ... so I'm focusing on change!  I've had mismatched plywood for the last 6 weeks.. I was beginning to like them... I could do anything I wanted to on them ... however they have been replaced with granite and our original butcher block counter was stripped and refinished.  In the 12 years we lived here the butcher block counter never really dried the varnish was always tacky and anything that was paper and placed on it had to be scraped off if it was left there for more than a couple of days! (Think it was 10 or 15 years old when we moved in!)
This is the wall that was full of garbage

Stove -with  'sexy' range hood... beside the window! With a small piece of the butcher block counter showing.

Original cupboards... lathe and plaster half wall & Thomasina the third cat.....she matches the kitchen so well!

Same angle this morning... with new granite counter tops.

Here's growth... very pretty but not purple yet! 
Spending too much energy making huge leaves!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

week -34 'Add Something' !

 Focus on life... week 34 My photo editing sucks... I know how to crop.... I tripped over this program a couple of months ago It's actually a program that removes things....  so I took last weeks picture of Ellie Mae
 Removed the background.......
 Reloaded that image and removed the cat

Then I tried to turn the cat green... that was my add something... This is what I ended up with!


I also removed the background from one of last weeks lilies  It was really quite difficult to get the 'stamen' that is off the lily to be connected to the lily.  (Technically it is the anther that was floating in air and I had to rebuild the filament)
I did try the program on some chain maille & Crystal jewellery... That was a big mess!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

week 33 - In Season

Focus on life week 33...

Hi... my name is Ellie-Mae and I think I deserve equal billing with my Unkie Emm... who I'm sure you all remember from last week..  I look after the lilies... Ok maybe that white one in the bottom corner didn't start life as a spider lily, but I think bug chewed is kind of a neat effect. (...and mommy says the red one in the middle is a hollyhock... , how should I know that It's just a tall palnt that's fun to bat!)

My mommy tried to grow some tomatoes... isn't that the most pathatic  tomatoe plant you've ever seen!  There was also lettuce planted the bugs ate it as soon as it stuck it's little green leaves above ground!

To see what other people think is in season click on the links below... I actually think that this is mouse season but I wasn't allowed to upload my pictures of the dead mice that I/we leave in pieces all over the deck and driveway!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Week 32 - From Where I stand

Focus on life week 32 Well I thought it was a good time to hijack this thread let me introduce myself... I am Emmit the Magnificent..... This is MY house... the current kitchen reno is not an approved project... My food bowl has been moved at least 5 times... I no longer look for it I find my 'people' and annoy them until they come to the kitchen with me and show me where they have stuck it this time (preferred time to annoy them is about 3 am!)
From where I 'stand' sit/lie this is a not bad place to live..... I can sit on my deck..... wander around my yard.... catch meices.... eat coffee grounds... drink my slaves mommies coffee... check out the flowers, make sure the matress is suitable for someone of my stature.....
Me supervising the care and maintenance of my flowers and grapes... I haven't developed a taste for wine... will have to work on that... Must be something that my 'people' could make me with those grapes? This is the first flower the cactus has had since it bloomed inthe back of the truck when we were moving it here 12 years ago!

My mouse hunting 'pasture'

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Week 31 - Hues of Blue

Focus on Life ... week 31
  Once again I went to my garden for the prompt... My forget-me-nots arte finnished blooming which is too bad as they are a lovely shade of blue!
But as I was editing the flowers I saw these three pendants sitting on the desk so I had to include them in the 
'hues of blue'!

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