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Friday, April 26, 2013

week 17 Color/Colour

Focus on life... week 17....  Well I love   COLOUR !  

But in spite of that it was a hard challenge... I initially wanted to photograph a corner in the dining room that has a bunch of Canadian paintings but it also reflects 3 windows which I discovered when I tried to photograph it! 

So onto the quilt that we bought last fall in Newfoundland
This has lots of colour... it's actually a king size quilt because the queen size one was pastel blocks and white outlines....  Love it!
(The spiders web is top left on an orange block)

A typical Newfoundland folk art painting... from the grumpy goat gallery... I think it  goes perfectly with the quilt and yes it hangs at the foot of the bed.

And yes this is a complete set of Harry Potter books... you don't know how difficult it was to get a matching set... and they don't actually match perfectly the first two were published by raintree alone and are fractionally shorter! & yes they are also in the bedroom!

After we got home from NL last fall I had to see if I could capture the quilts in beads.. my husband pointed out that all crazy quilts need to have a spiders web....

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fifth Do over Challenge

I saw this advertised on Artisan Whimsy and decided I needed to try it. Why when I have a drawerful of my own jewellery that I have made for assorted events over the years do I need to aquire someone elses rejects to take apart and rebuild???? 

 The picture on the left is what I got, .... the little picture on the top right are the two little bits of what I received that I didn't use of the necklace and earrings... Since I don't work with gold/brassI I actually had to buy brass wire to remake this. Bottom picture on the right is a close up of  what used to be the tassel & the original chain, now woven with silk... the only brass beads that I owned (now threaded with blue seed beeds) and a torchfired enamel bead that I made for the necklace
I looked at this for a long time beofre I started taking it apart... I actually liked it.... But I signed on to remake it so remake it I did!  I used the tassle chain to lengthen the earrings and make the chain around the back.. I would have like more of the porcelain beads and two of the tassle  cones but....

 I think this will be fun to wear.. Love cobalt blue...  the top right picture is where I live....

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Unbirthday reveal

My partener was Audrey Bélanger from Quebec ( a fellow Canadian)  My birthday is August which is peridot,, I always felt deprived that it wasn't something expensive like emeralds, saphires, or Rubies... actually don't like diamonds..  Didn't she do a great job making peridot wearable!
Audrey's Birthday is June... June's birthdstone was/is Alexandrite, rose quartz or pearls....No time to get any fake Alexandrite so had to stick to colour which is pinky purple... I had a box of mixed pinky purple beads that also contained 'peridot green' so I threw in some beads  of my birthday colour so she would think of me when she wears it!  (Free form peyote with my lampwork beads, seed beads, glass beads, amethyst, freshwater pearls and torch fired enamel beeds)

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Friday, April 19, 2013

week 16 - Take A Walk

Focus on Life...A walk from the house to the mail box in Lords Cove... I actually walked up the road (away from the mailbox) first to get this picture...
From the 'gallery' parking 'lot'

The South side of the house with the government wharf in the background from the road above the house.

Lord's Cove from the road half way to the mail box (6 minute walk each way)
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Thursday, April 18, 2013


I sort of signed up to ovrblog this weekend... I'm participating in both the MarShell swaps unbirthday reveal and the 5th do-overchallenge So I thought I would post a tease for both blog posts!

 Come back on Saturday for the unbirthday reveal and Sunday for the 5th do-over challenge

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bead Table Wednesday

New listing on etsy Raspberry enamelled toggle with copper bar and jump rings treated with LOS

This isn't currently on etsy but should make it there shortly .. description as above except it's aqua and has a couple of millifiori flowers

Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 15 - Aged Beauty

Focus on Life....  focusing on aged beauty... 

well my first thought was another self portrait.. but I've been there already... 

I have an old porche rotting on the driveway... but it's rather lacking in beauty....  

So I spent 5 days wandering around the house before I decided on a glass light fixture that I bought at a flea market while we were still living in Sakatchewan

This was the second glass ceiling fixture we bought in Saskatchewan after we bought the house in NB, the first one is much bigger same colour but less interesting... it replace a wagon wheel (gack) in the dinning room.  I saw this one lying in a beer box at the flea market in Manitou Beach a couple of weeks after we bought the first one.  I think they guy wanted $28 I asked if it had all the parts he said yes but that I could have it for $20... I wasn' t trying to lower the price.  The lamp then spent the next couple of year under a bed in the cabin in it's beer box... I think it was one of the last things we brought East before selling the cabin. 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bead Table wednesday (BTW)

A collection of this weeks beads...  Gearing up for summer!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 14~ Up Close!

Focus On Life  .. well this was easy my croci started blooming last thursday or friday I saw the promp I took the photograph then we had a week of crappy weather!

 now have some pale purple ones too... but the weather wasn't condusive to gettin down and farmiliar with the ground!  These are totally unedited ... straight off the camera!

For other peoples versions of up close check out sally's blog I'm expecting to see a lot of srping flowers!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Almost wordless wednesday

2 prototype fused fish for a 'refurbished' tank at the local Aquarium
 (Fish are each  about 8 inches long and 6 high
 or  20 cm * 15cm)

Taking them in tomorrow to see if they like their new home... think they'll be swimming with bay of fundy fish... so may not like the sub tropical temperatures!