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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fifth Do over Challenge

I saw this advertised on Artisan Whimsy and decided I needed to try it. Why when I have a drawerful of my own jewellery that I have made for assorted events over the years do I need to aquire someone elses rejects to take apart and rebuild???? 

 The picture on the left is what I got, .... the little picture on the top right are the two little bits of what I received that I didn't use of the necklace and earrings... Since I don't work with gold/brassI I actually had to buy brass wire to remake this. Bottom picture on the right is a close up of  what used to be the tassel & the original chain, now woven with silk... the only brass beads that I owned (now threaded with blue seed beeds) and a torchfired enamel bead that I made for the necklace
I looked at this for a long time beofre I started taking it apart... I actually liked it.... But I signed on to remake it so remake it I did!  I used the tassle chain to lengthen the earrings and make the chain around the back.. I would have like more of the porcelain beads and two of the tassle  cones but....

 I think this will be fun to wear.. Love cobalt blue...  the top right picture is where I live....

The rest of the participants....

Beti Horvath
Charlie Jacka
DiYana Alcalde
Donetta Farrinton
Ginger Davis Allman
Jeannie K Dukic
Kathy Lindemer
Lynne Bowland
Molly Alexander
Mary Govaars
Mowse Doyle
Penny Houghton
Renetha Stanziano
Rita Avila
Susan Delaney


Patty Woodland said...

It's quite a transformation

Kokopelli said...

Beautiful rework! I love cobalt blue, too.

Nelly May said...

Lovely job! Looks completely different.

JeannieK said...

Lynne, this is quite a metamorphosis from the original. You saved it and made it your own and beautiful. Love that you added your own enamel bead. Thank you for participating and I hope you will join us for the next one.

Beti Horvath said...

You did a great ob transforming this yet preserving the original light feeling.

Ginger Davis Allman (The Blue Bottle Tree) said...

I do believe we have a common love of that most mystical and lovely of substances...cobalt blue glass. You've done a great job with this necklace. You've kept its original beauty and added a modern and fun twist to it.

Renetha said...

I think a lot of us lengthened the earrings with chain! You did a remarkable job on your necklace design too.

Micheladas said...

I love cobalt blue and this set looks amazing.

Mary said...

Fantastic redesign

Molly Alexander said...

Very nice - I'm a big fan of cobalt as well, and the way you reused the beads and added to them for your design really showcases that color. You also kept the design feeling light and airy with lots of unique design elements - beautiful job!

Donetta said...

Gosh...what THEY said! Great color, beautiful work!

Cheri said...

I am not a fan of gold, however the necklace with the sari silk looks really good. Great job with the do-over challenge, it looks like a lot of fun!