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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday (BTW)

OK I'm a day late.....  This is what I'm doing for fun today...  Making myself a prototype anitclastic bangle... Don't artists always get the prototypes?

No it's not finished and the hammer still needs more shaping.. but my knuckles need a chance to recover from the hammer shaping!
Rasp 3 Knuckles 0

Even now it's a really comfortable bracelet  The directions are in 'The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques' By Anastasia Young... I made my strip 8 inches not 8.25 but I also made it a bit wider

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I'm not terribly fond of peonies.... This one came with the house... and I really don't like pink... but this year the flowers on this bush are really lovely!  What's on my bead table... you'll see in a few hours!

I did actually start this post yesterday ... I just neglected to post it!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New earrings!

My new earrings!  First jewellery from my torch fired enameled beads.  The soldered silver 'Bubble earrings' were based on a free tutorial from the  DaisyChainJewellery web site! (sorry the purple earring isn't quite in focus!... & they are actually the same size... the out of focus purple earring is further from the camera!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Starving Jewelry Artist Carnival Blog.... " using other people's work in my Jewellery!"

When I first saw the topic for this month I thought to myself well I don't do that...  Sure I buy lots of other peoples beads but I don't use them....  You wouldn't believe the beads that I have in this house!  But ... the Monthly Challenge is 'Using Pearls in your Work'  I use pearls and I don't make them so I guess I do use other 'creatures' work... Since I'm not sure that I would call a mollusk a 'people'...

                                                      Lampwork and coin pearl bracelet
                                               Beaded Bead Pearl balls & sterling chain earrings
                          A wire wrapped piece I bought in Hawaii that I made a hand knotted pearl 'chain' for

AND my favorite toggles are hill tribe or Bali silver...

although I have started making my own toggles (mainly in copper so far)...

Then there are bead soup parties....  I got these gorgeous sterling leaves in this necklace from Jo of Daisy Chain Jewellery ... Yes I do cut my own rings and make my own chain maille

So yes I guess I do use other 'people's' work to compliment my lampwork beads.... and I use seed beads to make beaded beads.. I just  didn't have enough lampwork beads in this house I needed a few drawers of seed beads to keep them happy!
Check out the Starving Jewelry Artists Blog here

And other participants in this Carnival blog will be added as they go live!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Want My Mail!

OK I try not to get political but I want my mail service back....Enough is enough.. It's quite obvious that neither the NDP nor the Liberals who are fighting to delay the back to work legislation  depend on the mail to receive their pay cheques!

As a self employed artist I am not receiving any money nor can I ship any orders!  Where I live Fedex is delivered by Canada POST... therefor FEDEX is not an option... then there is UPS... well they offload on Purolator... Guess what Purolator is owned by Canada Post....  What does that leave, not much that leaves any profit in the delivery.  I could have things bused to and from St George but that's at least a 90 minute return trip get to the bus depot and back....   & the bus only stops 3 times a week....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday & Bead Table Wednesday (BTW)

New Beads this week... not sure what I'm doing with them....

Spent Monday beating up on some copper wire and sheet....

OK .. I give up... there is a picture of a necklace made with those rings that I dipped in liver of sulpher becuase I was tired of tumbling it everytime I wore it... But it will not show up on this blog!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday & Bead Table Wednesday (BTW)

I carry my Etsy store with me when I travel by 'road'... I usually have less than 30 items so no big deal to haul along 30 beads!  Of course I sold the one thing I did not have with me... the little gumball machine on the right!  My customer was very understanding about waiting the 2 weeks til I got home...  Then I got home and couldn't find it!  So I spent 2 days making 'gum ball machine beads... they are made as one piece.. Then they get filled.... my rug is still full of seed beads! Every time I got another 'machine' filled I'd send off a picture.. about the time she finally found one that she liked as well as the one she had bought... I found the one that she had bought... however it was no longer her first love...   So my bead table is covered with filled gumball machines and this post is anything but wordless!

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm home!

After 30 days and 9,600 miles we're home!  Actually we got home last weekend but since we had a week of gorgeous weather.. the garden was calling... and the black flies were biting!  But today we have rain and gale force winds so no gardening!

New Cat Bead.... Clio over silver leaf... one of these days it may even show up on etsy!