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Friday, December 26, 2014

Week 52 Gather

Well this brings us to the end of Year 2 of Sally Russicks' Focus on Life and I think this interpretation of this weeks prompt is stretching the topic to the limit; but how about "we gathered round the patio door on Christmas night to watch the gorgeous Sunset over the cove after the storm".

Lord's Cove Christmas night Dec 2014

Wishing everyone the best in 2015 May you be safe and Happy!

Also I posted a Pay It Forward Boxing Day blog Friday morning if you want to see what I got or sign up for my Pay it forward 'surprise gift'  click on 'surprise gift' !

To see what other people 'gathered' click on the following linkz links!

Pay-IT-Forward ... Happy holidays!

Friday Dec 26 2014

 Along with my Christmas Ornament from Becky Pancake that I received last week in Sally Russicks 2014 holiday ornament swap I received a Pay-it-forward ornament,  I signed up on Becky's blog a year ago...Play-it-Forward

Isn't it pretty?

Now it is my turn to pay it forward.   Three of the people that comment on this blog will receive a pay it forward gift from me sometime in the next year.  (I'll put all the names in a hat and draw three names)  Up for grabs .... well I think it should be a surprise, however you can tell me your favorite colour(s)  in the comment and whether you wear jewellery play with beads... like home made ornaments,  etc....

And I promise even though it is Boxing Day many places including Canada I will not be sending you unwanted/unloved  gifts or left over food!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 Holiday ornament swap & Week 51 'ornament'

My partner this year is Becky Pancake    I love the ornament I got from her, I just wish she'd signed and dated the back.. It will have a place of honor on the endless supply of Charlie Brown trees my husband brings home every year.  This year he was so proud of himself when he brought in the tree... He didn't even have to cut it down it had fallen in the hurricane on July 5th...  Does it look like dead fall... sort of!  I will say that the ornaments all show up beautifully on it!

This is what I sent  (the mistletoe bead can be taken out and worn as a pendant) I added a hook after I photographed it...

And this is what I received   I love it my tree will love it!

I hope everyone spends a little time checking out the rest of the ornaments in this years exchange!

11. Alicia Marinache  and Susan Kennedy  

Saturday afternoon... my blog was hacked yesterday finally got the errant code removed so will now go get dressed then start hopping! 

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