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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jewelry Artisans Network... Blog carnival.... Nature

Well in the spring I like to think of Nature as being flowers, not big fluffy wet white flakes of evil snow falling out of the sky... which is what I see when I look out the window this Easter Sunday!

So since I can't take pictures of real flowers....  here's my attempt to bring spring indoors onto my body!  These are enameled copper flowers.. the yellow ones are earrings (they look lovely thank you)  the purple poppy (I've never managed to get blue poppies to bloom) is waiting to figure out what it wants to become! A necklace I'm thinking....

I used to love Spring when I lived in Western Canada... it really was a season there.... here from sometime in November until June we get snow, rain, fog....then we get (if we're lucky 2 months of summer followed by two months of fall)  I'm not sure what to call the remaining 8 months... Nature's Revenge....

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flap Your Wings... an Artists Tribute to Judy Glende

I didn't know Judy Glende, but  she was a jewellery designer & fellow blogger who was  diagnosed with brain and lung cancer in December 2011, her second battle with cancer.  Judy lost her battle the middle of March. Flap Your Wings was the name of  Judy's  Etsy shop...Tania of Moobie Grace Designs  has organized this tribute and fundraiser in honor of Judy and her family and other families who have lost friends and relatives to cancer.

When I read about this challenge I had just heard that my sisters first husband had  died of cancer  last fall.  I was in high school when they got married and if there ever was a fifth wheel in a relationship it was me.  I was always underfoot, I'm not sure how much influence he had on my career choice but my first degree was in Geology, his chosen profession... and I worked for him at the Alberta Research Council on two different occasions.  I have a pilots licence because he flew... I drive a standard car because one of the summers I worked for him I was handed the keys to a standard truck and had to figure out how to drive it... I however do not wear long underwear and hiking boots every time I fly on a commercial jet liner, I have great faith that we are not going to crash on the top of a mountain... BUT, my carry-on does contain lots of clothes  in case the airline misplaces my luggage!  I hadn't seen Andre for over 20 years when he died, but I will always remember the kindness he and his family showed to me.

I really like the concept of 'flapping wings'... there is something eternal and everlasting about those two words... My Bird  focal was part of a bead exchange... I might have used the bird in my necklace for that exchange but I held it back as I felt it was so appropriate for this necklace!

I don't work with a bead board (I don't own a bead board ... so length tends to be whatever I end up with... I like the length this turned out although I am thinking that I need to make a short chain to hook the back together to make it double) I haven't decided yet if I will donate this necklace to a charity auction or just donate money to the local Cancer society ...Cancer doesn't care who you are or what you do, so go out and  flap your wings now, we don't know how many tomorrows we have.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Almost wordless Wednesday

Self Portrait!  Lead pencil on enamel.

OK stupid post did not followed scheduling instructions!
Note that the date on this is Wednesday April 11... even though today is the 9th!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

ccc blogcarnival bead swap.... The Big Reveal!

 I was partnered with Niki Meiners a polymer clay artists.... I loved the colour palette she sent me to play with!  I had already put the ends on my 'bronzey' silver silk before I remebered to take a picture... and I never did take pictures of what I sent!
 I made 3 pieces.... a polymer clay focal  which is strung/knotted onto silk ....
& hangs from the free form Peyote 'chain'
The Here's the chain it has a few of Niki's beads  ... but since  I have lots of seed beads & lampwork in  those colours... I had  no problem finding beads for this!
This 'chain' is long enough to be worn on it's own!
The third piece was also free form peyote done around silversilk.... (It keeps untwisting on me!)  I made the ends of green coated copper wire  and then added seed beads to the loops.... I've never played with silversilk before.. I think it has been added to my 'WANT' list....

 This is the first time that Eve has officially modeled anything!
That's everything  except for the cute little enameled hook that I had to make since my silver silk has two loops and no toggle.... oops.... Love the colours in these pieces!

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