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Friday, February 28, 2014

Year 2 ~Week Nine: Macro Photo

Oops I just realized I had two week 6's the second one should have been week 8 Oh well I guess counting isn't one of my strong points! 

March's theme is checking out... SO....
 I walked outside yesterday with my camera heading for my forsythia which I think might have buds? Looked across a yard full of snow and came back in the house and took a picture of my cactus....  then tried to take orchid pictures... but they were shy and immediately started bouncing up and down to avoid the camera focusing on them.....

I can see the little pink wings on the orchid waving at me to go away!  Can't you?

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Year 2 ~ Week Six: Capture Color (COLOUR!)

Missed last week the first week I've missed in 13 months.....  I took the pictures ...should have posted on Saturday but got stuck in Toronto coming home from Tucson .. so had Valentine's dinner courtesy of AC.
A quick summary of the last 11 days, my fathers 90th birthday, my 25th wedding anniversary, a typical non event Valentines and the death of my mother this tuesday. (there will be a celebration of her life in may or june) not to mention a very long flight home from Tucson and as usual by the time I got home  I was sick from the airport, people, recycled airplane air.. who knows.... Being sick just added to an already strained February!

Here's one of last weeks pictures no collage...
My cactus heart for valentine's day
My loot from the Painting with Fire teacher certification workshop in Tucson

Tucson sunset from the hotel room window (Through the window)

We had green grass two weeks ago!

My husband thinks we should offer a 90% discount to the first person willing to walk under that snow overhang over the gallery door!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Year 2 ~ Week Six: Quiet Calm

Focus on life in Feb 2014.... Dealing with Cabin Fever and the quiet calm of late (hopefully... wishful thinking?) winter!
What's currently blooming in my yard...  The play pen is my magnolia  the netting will not be removed until it's blooming otherwise the deer eat it!

I liked the green moss poking out from the snow... the green leaves (top right) belong to an EVIL weed... the roots run under the soil and it (the weed) will take over an entire garden in one summer... I don't care if it has pretty yellow flowers!

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