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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week # 7 '#createveryday

A living room full of cabinets!

Genuine Blizzard Feb 13 we also had two winter storms all within a 6 day period.. Gotta Love winter!  Today Sunday feb 19 it's +13 C!

A seed pod I saw on the ground when we were in Costa Rcia over valentines 4 years ago!

Snow after storm 2 before storm 3 (storm 3 had a different wind direction...

After storm 3 my weigelia  tree

The bump from last week.. think it's actually started to melt

Me knitting with helper... she leaves the yarn alone if she's on your lap!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 6 #createeveryday

Peggies Cove NS  Went to see the waves breaking over the lighthouse... Couldn't have been much calmer if it tried!

Just about the ugliest brand new hotel carpet I've ever seen... yep that's a carpet not glue on cememnt!

Latest knitting project, last weeks is on hold until this is done!

Qiviut Hat I made for my husband 18 - 20 years ago and yes I have the pattern if anyone would like it, the company is no longer in business so I don't see any copy-rite issues!

My sons's fisher price tug boat  Took awhile to find all the pieces!

Thursday's snow.. we have a blizzard warning for tonight (sun feb 12) goody goody just what I want more snow!.

Happy Hallowe'en..... So pinkish ghosts don't work as a valentines present?  Pumpkins is a work in progress!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week 5 #createeverydayShould be 29/365

Should be 29/365 Having fun with my hydrolic press!

Selfie (in a mirror)  with Mozaic knit cowl

Oldie  Enameled Poppies

Twisted barrel bead Hot from the kiln!

Day one of my first new knitting project!

Thursday evening in Saint John

New snow and the Abnaki 1  the Abnaki 2 was actually working when we got home Monday afternoon!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 4 #createeveryday

What I did this week.... Actually I supervised a kitchen installation for 2 days this week..  Kitchen pictures  soon?
Set of faux Rock beads (Etched enamels)

Enameled copper buttons... need to make the holes smaller :(

Week 4

Interesting knitting pattern on the right side

2 Old Crows and Friend

This weeks finished colouring project

Raku and nautilus shell beads

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week 3 of #create everyday

Think this may become #createeveryotherday in February or March!

I seem to have an owl theme this week!  Actually there would be more owls except I have a non functional kiln at the momment!
Test owls.. the periwinkle and yellow one won the popularity contest!

Buttons 1 inch enameled copper.. they have been sewn on.. so you will get to see them in their new home!

Week 3... still waiting on the chives!

Mine all mine!

Daisy pendant  can I handle it being off center?

Mommeeee wants to work?  To bad!

Bought a video on how to apply stringer to beads when the stringer miss behaves turn the bead into an owl!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 2 of #createeverydayMy first snow angel in years

So far so good....
My first snow angel in years...  As soon as my husband got the snow blower going he sent it to heaven... The rain would have washed it away anyway....

My latest diabolical puzzle all the remaining pieces appear to be the same colour!

My Dill 14 days after planting...  everything is now up except the Chives, tomorrow is day 21 which is suppose to be their outside range for germination.

Air hammered copper strip

 Sort of poncho  Waiting for buttons

Buttons  waiting to be enamelled

Snow is gone Sun is shining today and it's suppose to get back above freezing... think my plants may be getting very confused!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Week 1 of #createeveryday 2017

I decided to join a challenge on FB which involves posting a picture of something 'creative' every day during 2017... since I know a lot of people who don't do FB I decided to do a compilation of  the pictures every weekend... See how long I last.....
Wishing everyone a wonderful 2017

The great white hunter... the log pile  is his creation not mine I just took the picture!

The remains of the Abnaki I a former Deer Island Car Ferry We have watched this Ferry collapse during the 15 years we've lived here (My view from the kitchen table and no I don't know what this has to do with #createeveryday... my inspiration?)

One of the plants in the Aero Garden I got for Christmas (8 days after planting)

Kipper snacks in glass  

Lobster mitts.. One of last summers hits in the gallery
(made from Thaki Donegal Tweed yarn)
A 12" * 2" piece of 22 gauge copper folded
(this is a teaser, what do you think it is destined to be?)

Playing with a colouring book and water colour pencil crayons... Have to colour in the book if I want to use water colour crayons as the black lines on a copy run!

I think you will probably see weekly pictures of my aero garden, not sure what else will become a weekly feature time will tell.