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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 6 #createeveryday

Peggies Cove NS  Went to see the waves breaking over the lighthouse... Couldn't have been much calmer if it tried!

Just about the ugliest brand new hotel carpet I've ever seen... yep that's a carpet not glue on cememnt!

Latest knitting project, last weeks is on hold until this is done!

Qiviut Hat I made for my husband 18 - 20 years ago and yes I have the pattern if anyone would like it, the company is no longer in business so I don't see any copy-rite issues!

My sons's fisher price tug boat  Took awhile to find all the pieces!

Thursday's snow.. we have a blizzard warning for tonight (sun feb 12) goody goody just what I want more snow!.

Happy Hallowe'en..... So pinkish ghosts don't work as a valentines present?  Pumpkins is a work in progress!

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