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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Week 37 ~ Windows

Well we were off Island yesterday and I saw the perfect window, however neither of us had a phone or a camera to take it's picture...  We were in a little art gallery called Crow Town Gallery near Lubec Maine and they had 'Framed' the window in the back wall of the gallery overlooking the salt marsh.  So as you moved around the gallery the image in the frame changed.  Very neat, but no picture so you will have to settle for a bunch of my stained glass windows....  In no real order except possibly chronological (?)

Corel Cat circa 1996 ?  Sandblasted, leaded copper foil overlay etc....

T-Rex was a vegetarian sand blasted overlay copper foil (horrid picture... never seems to be the right time of day to take stained glass that is 'installed')  Circa 1997

Hummingbird panel  copperfoil circa  2001

Kingfisher and Raven (horrid pictures)  Copperfoil and wire work circ 2003
These were done for a show in SK called for the birds.. 

Commercial Bevel set that got stretched to fit the hole  leaded ... circa  2005
To see what other windows people found click on the link below

Friday, September 5, 2014

Week 36 ~ A Door

One of the things our house has is way to many doors..... 3 of the doors have matching red screen doors... One of them used to be on the upstairs bedroom until it was blown off in a storm!

Front door, former bedroom door, gallery door.....