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Friday, March 21, 2014

Week 12 ~ Expression

According to my calendar it's March.. yesterday was the first day of spring wind snow and rain... lovely spring day!  I actually got to leave my island this week... but I didn't take pictures  We went to one of the games at the woman's world curling in Saint John.. but the expressions on the winners weren't ecstatic because the games were so lopsided that it was a forgone conclusion....  We also went to the reopening of the Algonquin hotel in St Andrew's  the hotel has been closed for almost 2 years being renovated... I left my camera in the car that day...  So what did I take a pictures of?

Meet Paddy O'Bear,  I was bored on Monday night so I knit a teddy bear while I was watching TV...  The pattern is a free download  this pattern is for  is Barrison -2  I used a modified version of Barrison -1, which I downloaded last year in March...  The yarn I used was something I bought on sale many years ago  ... He's Paddy because he was conceived on St Patrick's day and he's green... But at the moment he has no face so 'no Expression'.....  Poor little guy needs a nose and eyes  Or does he.. I think he does a really good job of expressing cute and cuddly with no face.....

This morning I got up and found this happy face on the kitchen table... I normally steal a handful of my husbands cheerios,    So this is my happy face because the sun was shinning &  the snow has quit for a few minutes....

I have a few really bad pictures of my husband but was told I was not allowed to post them... so you will have to settle for my 'faceless' bear and my cheerio smile!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Week 11 ~ Beauty All Around

Focus on life March 2014 This month we are suppose to be 'checking out' ...(After this winter I would really like to be checking out' of here!)  It is still nasty here... another winter storm is forecast for tomorrow... will this winter ever end?

I actually remembered to check the prompt on Sunday...  (I liked it when we got weekly letters last year) but by Monday morning had forgotten what the prompt was.... Last night sitting in the hot tub... it was absolutely calm  (almost never happens here) with somewhat strange lighting so I ran back in the house and grabbed a camera.. then shot a bunch of pictures of the boats in the cove...  and was pleasantly surprised when I rechecked the prompt this morning that I could actually use them!
Fish eye lense from the hot tub  (12 feet lower than last weeks picture)

same view no fish eye zoomed in...  The four matching boats belong to one of  salmon companies

A bit later the mist was starting to roll in
(the water is Lords Cove which attaches directly to the Bay of Fundy ... part of the North Atlantic.. we have 28 foot tides here)
My helper!

Even though I do not like DST it is rather nice sitting in the hot tub after supper in daylight.....

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Week Ten ~ The wide angle shot

I bought a new  camera at an auction  last year (cheap)... my every day digital camera is slowing dying... so i thought I'd try my 'new' camera out this week.. well it isn't compatible with windows 8 and it's a total pain to get pictures off of....  but it has a fish eye lens... which is about as wide angle as you can get... when you are a wimp and refuse to leave the deck! 
I think this looks neat....
Other than the evil snow which refuses to leave!

Similar view ... summer 2006

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Clean-up, Fix-up Your Workspace" Challenge & Blog Hop Reveal!

OK.. I failed... I have lots of excuses  ...
  I did clean up one small area... I found the rug here.. no before picture.... but there was a CD player and speakers here .... being used as book ends, and lots of beads etc piled on top... books are now on shelves (mostly).. mushroom boxes make wonderful wire holders!

Then I went to Tucson on Feb 5
Hard to clean workspaces when one isn't home......

My favorite piece from the painting with fire teacher certification workshop... my excuse for being in AZ!

Came home on feb 14  got stuck in Toronto coming home... not a big deal as we got a free meal and a nice bed in an airport hotel instead of starving and digging a car out of long term airport parking at 1 am, then sleeping on cots in a construction zone...  (living on an island one often can't come home!)

OK I'm home it's feb 15 lots of time to shovel... wrong.. I'm sick H1N1 so I made a nest in front of the oil stove
 (and let my husband shovel the never ending snow... someone was shoveling here just not the right person or the right thing!)

This area was actually cleaned up before I went to AZ..... so much for good intentions

I have nowhere to put anything so piles just get moved around....  I failed I admit I failed  I don't even have any empty closets to hide things in...
(and yes those purple and pink bead containers are hideous!)

But they do match my orchids, and my orchids  have never been happier.. they must love looking at all the junk!

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Sharyl McMillian-Nelson