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Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Clean-up, Fix-up Your Workspace" Challenge & Blog Hop Reveal!

OK.. I failed... I have lots of excuses  ...
  I did clean up one small area... I found the rug here.. no before picture.... but there was a CD player and speakers here .... being used as book ends, and lots of beads etc piled on top... books are now on shelves (mostly).. mushroom boxes make wonderful wire holders!

Then I went to Tucson on Feb 5
Hard to clean workspaces when one isn't home......

My favorite piece from the painting with fire teacher certification workshop... my excuse for being in AZ!

Came home on feb 14  got stuck in Toronto coming home... not a big deal as we got a free meal and a nice bed in an airport hotel instead of starving and digging a car out of long term airport parking at 1 am, then sleeping on cots in a construction zone...  (living on an island one often can't come home!)

OK I'm home it's feb 15 lots of time to shovel... wrong.. I'm sick H1N1 so I made a nest in front of the oil stove
 (and let my husband shovel the never ending snow... someone was shoveling here just not the right person or the right thing!)

This area was actually cleaned up before I went to AZ..... so much for good intentions

I have nowhere to put anything so piles just get moved around....  I failed I admit I failed  I don't even have any empty closets to hide things in...
(and yes those purple and pink bead containers are hideous!)

But they do match my orchids, and my orchids  have never been happier.. they must love looking at all the junk!

To see how successful other people were there is a list of other participants  on our hosts blog
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson


Ann Schroeder said...

I don't consider this a fail. You got the books on the shelves and have a nice clean space of carpet! Every little bit helps. Also, part of it for me is getting tips from other people. I eat a ton of mushrooms. I am going to consider my mushroom boxes for storage now! Thanks.

Donna said...

Lovely orchids, I've never had much luck growing them. Serious cleaning, you have a good start there GF! One thing helps for me, after moving from AK to here, I unloaded so much stuff I don't have a lot anymore. And since then I really embrace the "less is more" attitude. Except when it comes to beads, etc. Then, one can never have too much, lol.

Jayne Capps said...

we have to consider the fact that since we needed to sign up for this hop our spaces were in bad shape & we might hit a few snags. don't worry about being 'late' for the hop, just keep riding the wave of 'clean it up'. baby steps

Carol D. said...

Tucson would be a lot more fun. Enough said!

Sharyl said...

I don't think you've failed at all! You've STARTED and that is the hardest part! And you've just "readjusted your expectations" for scheduling to meet your own needs! :-) No harm in that either!

Thanks for posting! (And I LIKE your pink and purple storage cases!) Best wishes! --Sharyl