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Saturday, October 27, 2012

JAC October blog Carnival, Hallowe'en..

Is Hallowe'en all about colour, has it taken over fall as a season or is it about images?

As you can tell from my collage I like Hallowe'en jewellery....  And I will quite happily buy it from other people (sorry the numbers are so tiny.. they looked huge when I was editing)

1 Skeleton earrings, came from Clairs 15 years ago, they used to be silver coloured, love these!
2 Sugar skulls day of the Dead, My beads, my jewellery, New this year check my etsy store.
3 Pig Pumpkin Bead NLC Beads Nikki
4 My Beads Torch fired enameled metal filagree beads in black and orange
5 My chainmaille bracelet with large holed lampwork beads
6 Beach glass earrings from Seaglassthings
7 My Scarecrow Pendant... his head is hollow, no straw!
8 My witches hat and ghost earrings, Beads occasionally show up in my etsy store
9 A boro pendant from Boomwire
    Silk cord from jamnglass
10 A pair of earrings I bought from Rocio Bearer Last year at Halowe'en 

I have more.... But thought this was a good representation, actually the chainmaille bracelet is in the gallery, it's way too long for me!  I realized after I wrote this that I forgot my favorite Hallowe'en bead check back on Hallowe'en to see Lezlie Belanger's ( Cankeep  )Witch !

As other blogs  Jewelry Artisan Blogs come live I'll add the links!

Ponder The Cat


Cat said...

Great items! Have a happy Hallowe'en and don't let the skeleton and ghosts bite you! ;-)

brokenteepee said...

Ah, yes. I have such a collection of Leslie's beads. I really should use them. And yours for that matter

JewelryArtByDawn said...

That is a great collection of Halloween jewelry!