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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Grape Pie (New Thanksgiving Tradition?)

OK I don't really like traditional Pumpkin Pie... My mother made an unbaked chiffon pie ... to me that's Pumpkin Pie... the stuff the stores sell and most people make is YUCKY!  I planted a grape vine when we moved here in 2001 (actually the spring of 2002)  4 years ago it got moved because I planted it in a really stupid place... Just outside the door to my Bead shop... Yes it was taking over the doorway.  Last year we had a fair number of grapes... This year it's covered in gorgeous purple grapes... what kind are they?  PURPLE!

I knew I had a recipe for a grape pie in a handwritten recipe book.... I looked at it, looks easy.. neglecting the fact that each and every grape had to be squeezed and separated then my sieve clogged so I moved to the colander but of course a certain percentage of the seeds went through the colander holes.....

 You can see a bowl of the grapes hiding behind the pie!
But other than the fact I don't think that it needed the lemon juice it was great!  And it even cut nicely!  Will it become a new Thanksgiving Tradition.. maybe if the grapes continue to thrive!


kath001 said...

I'm impressed! I think our Thanksgiving pies will be pumpkin cheesecake and chocolate bourbon pecan pie. I can't believe how fast this year has flown by!

Islandgirl said...

I'll take a piece of the chocolate bourbon Peacan pie... you have my address :)

BluMoon said...

Glad to hear your grape vine survived, hmmm grape pie! I never heard of that one but it sounds good, of course you could always eat them raw with cheese and crusty bread or put them in salads or make wine...!!!

April Grinaway said...

I have grapevines too and hope someday to make wine ~