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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Tonight is the annual Engineers Curling party... One of the things about curling in this event is it seems like the worse you do the better your score is.... after the end is finished you pull a piece of paper out of an envelope and score according to that... things like the team with a rock closest to the hog line gets 3 points... Or the team with the shortest lead gets one point... I will have to play lead this year... that is a guaranteed point!

Last year was a Hawaiian theme so is this year... one of the organizers must have spent too much money on their outfit last year so are using it again this year! I will be wearing the same dress as last year except it's shorter now! It was a long dress that I actually bought in Hawaii... However

The slit up the back got much slittier when I tried to curl in it... Not sure that being 5 inches shorter will make it any more curling friendly! This was the picture prier to curling last year... We will look very similar this year! The ones at the top were taken this year.. I need to find my manual so I can figure out how to use the self timer!

We did not win... we did get home before the worst of the blizzard hit yesterday! And the shortest lead is no longer worth a point.....

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