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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time to blow my own horn!

This necklace was designed for the Art Bead Scene January challenge. The January challenge was to design a piece of jewellery using the painting Irises by Vincent Van Gogh.... The necklace on the left was my entry. I was picked as designer of the week this week! Here's the blog!

I also have just joined a couple more street teams on etsy... One is the Artisan Beaders Group, one of my favorite beads is one of their feature friday picks, and last but certainly not least one of their members featured me in her blog Simply Shiny .

I'm still having fun making jellyfish beads this is my latest... I was trying to make something vaguely heart shaped and ended up with a perfect (in my opinion!) skull. So in keeping with the skull theme ... It's called Guardian of Blackbeard's Treasure. And will show up on etsy in the next couple of days! Can't you see the eyes nose and teeth ....


Dave Robertson said...

Hi Islandgirl, congrats on making Designer of the Week. Coming from Art Bead Scene it's a real honor! Also I enjoyed your jellyfish/skull bead a whole reminded me instantly of the aquarium in the dentist's office in "Nemo" :)

at Rings & Things

Islandgirl said...

Thanks We just watched Finding Nemo for the ? time a couple of weeks ago... Hadn't thought about the aquarium The bed is on etsy now with a story!