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Friday, January 2, 2009

Eating Habits

When we travel my husband will always order Clam Chowder or Fish Chowder if it is on the menu... to keep him company I have started to order pulled pork sandwiches! To some degree the more expensive the restaurant the weirder the bowl of 'soup' is! On the other hand the pulled pork tends to improve with increase in price!

Googling chowder this morning... I find that there are basically two 'main' types of seafood chowder
The new England style is a broth the Manhattan style is suppose to be tomato based... I like corn chowder... as I'm not a real seafood fan....

With pulled pork the difference is barbecue VS vinegar... It's a location thing just like with Chowder.... I like the barbecue ones... I did have a home made vinegar marinated pulled pork sandwich in Hateras Village... Way to much vinegar for me.. but the owner was so proud of it that I had to say it was great! If you can find pulled pork on the menu in Canada it will be the barbecue style... Here's a bunch of recipes from .... I'm sure if I tried them all I'd find something that I liked!

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