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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My free glass

Well I have my 20 rods of free glass... It's all Moretti (effetre) and vetrofond (& yes I looked up the spelling on those words!) Actually I think there is at least one rod of CIM too. There is a nice mixture of
colour and lots of odd lots!
17 of the rods even came labeled with lot number and colour! However the three on the right are anonymous! The middle one is a lavendar filligrani However I have no clue what the other two are... the orange one is quite pretty the pink might be a pale CIM... which means it will maintain it's colour but don't waste time seeing if you can encase it... I have so many huge broken beads with CIM that I don't even bother trying anymore! The orange might be tangerine sparkle....

As for the clears... so far I've used a couple of rods of the 006 will try the 006XC today. The second rod of 006 had at least half an inch of scum on it... the first one was great....

For anyone who is totally confused read more here!


Jill said...

Hi Luynne,
Yes, I'm really old!
You two look so cute in your photos!
Hey, your rods turned out to be useful?, how do you like the clears?
Always looking for a better clear, that doesn't crack!
Thanks for the snow, we're supposed to get our own this weekend, brrrr, I'm so ready for spring!
It's hard to work when it's so cold, n'est pas?
Do the cats like the snow? Jill

Islandgirl said...

Yes the cats like the snow because it has an inch of ice on top so they run around on it.. If it was soft fluffy stuff doubt if they would like it!

So far I've just just the original 006 and it's fine re cracking.. some of the ends are all scratched up though!