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Monday, April 6, 2009

More on cats

Well I know you've all met EMM before but he wants to show you just what a big cat he is... that railing that he is standing in front of is 30 inches high!

The picture on the right is EMM last week staring out the window at the rain... ( you do have to enlarge that picture to really get the rain effect!) This season of the year here you have a choice of fog or rain... the only nice thing about fog is sometimes the sun comes out for 10 minutes about 3 o:clock.

EMM being an all grey cat doesn't show the dirt.. He comes as a highly recommended cat colour... Zoom zoom on the other hand has had smokers paws all week ... his cute little white paws have been bright yellow.. I have no idea what he has been walking in...

Here's Em's bead pick for the week He thinks these little guys are cute... and he wishes I would pay him half as much attention as I pay them when I'm making them! Bunnies

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