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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well the good news is that the sun came out yesterday afternoon and I planted my new lily bulbs... I love lilies... The bad news is we got another three inches of rain overnight... this was my view of the basement door out the kitchen window this morning... the sump pump didn't appear to be pumping... so I kicked it... it is now pumping but the water level isn't dropping! The water is actually pouring in around the door! The first winter we were here before we put in the sump pump the water was over my knees in that room .. which happens to be my oft referred to dungeon... it is why I now do beads not stained glass! The water also comes in through the stone wall at the front of the house and we have a river running through the basement from West to East.. it is flowing nicely this morning!
This is what I pulled out of the kiln yesterday morning... Comedy and Tragedy the one on the left would be me if that was snow falling out there but since it's rain falling on my newly planted lily bulbs I'll take the happy mask!
Our hot tub cover ended up in the trees in one storm this winter so now it gets held on with my Michelin summer car tires... the Michelins will soon be replaced with Blizzacs... I went out at about 9 pm to put the two tires that were on the deck on the lid, G had stood them up rather than left them lying flat and yes they had been caught by the wind and rolled down the hill and were lying in the middle of our snow fed creek... I got them both out after I finally found them (Yes I did have to wade into the creek... in my trusty Crocs!) the one without the wheel got hauled up the hill the one with the wheel is still on the bank of the creek... no way was it rolling up hill on that rain soaked lawn while I was holding a flash light! (actually if you click on the water picture you can see both the tire and the creek!)


Pricilla said...

it's better than snow?

storybeader said...

Of the choices to pick from, I chose funny, but your water problem is actually sad... though you write it in a funny way. Hope your little river runs dry...