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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

Today is April fools day...Hope no one plays a prank on you! Here it is bright and sunny and might even turn into a warm day! Yesterday I was in Saint John and woke up to two inches of wet sticky snow... I don't think we got anything but rain here! The snow there was quite unnecessary!

Monday was my husbands 60th Birthday so we went out for dinner, then I stayed in town so that I could drop off a piece for the Saint John Aids Auction (The Jellyfish pendant and earrings on right)
I like going to auctions.. I love bidding things up... and yes I have bought things that I really didn't want.. we own a huge custom made kite... we only flew it once, it panicked the horses in the pasture that we had borrowed to fly it in.... Now G is into 2 line stunt kites... (He has 2 parafoils and one delta wing...) I stick with the basic idiot proof kite and run up and down beaches trying to keep my kite airborne!
Unfortunately I won't be here for that auction, so I'll have to leave it up to Gord to bring home lots of useful things!


Pricilla said...

Happy Birthday G!!!!!!!!!
Don't fly off on your kite

storybeader said...

hope your jellyfish do well! I never was much of a kite flying, but I remember as a child, flying kites on the beach. WOW - that was quite a time ago!