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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ooops I blew it!

Today is wear brown shoes day & I walked to the mail box in Cobalt Blue Holy Soles.... (oops!) Actually in spite of owning a pair of shoes for almost every day of the year... I don't have very many pairs of brown ones.... I do have brown boots... wonder if that would have satisfied the brown shoe faeries that are checking to make sure we get onto Saint Nicks "Nice List" ?

Actually I should be remaking my Biscotti for this weekend! I made a batch on Monday night... it tastes great but I think I would give it a -2 out of 10 on presentation! I'm demonstrating Chain Maille in a restaurant in St Andrews all weekend, and we were all asked to bring nibblies... the woman's husband is a European trained Chef... soI think I need to get my presentation mark up above ZERO!

Here's the Wikpedia definition of Biscotti ... mine actually has chocolate chips, dried cranberries, dried apricots, slivered almonds, orange zest and instant coffee... I bought a zester yesterday too as all I managed to do to the orange peal on Monday night was mutilate it!

1 comment:

Janice said...

oh my gosh I love biscotti but I've never made it - it seems to time consuming!