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Friday, December 12, 2008

More on Curling

Today you could curl on the mainland roads... and last night you certainly could have curled anywhere on Deer Island... We don't salt our roads so any ice sport was certainly an option on Island roads! Driving was ........... interesting?

When I first started curling I assumed (wrongly) that one swept behind the rock to create a draft to push the rock along actually what you are doing is sweeping in front of the rock to melt the ice to try and keep the rock moving in the direction that the skip (the person in charge of the 4 person team who thinks he knows whats going on) wants the rock to go. The skip stands in the house and holds his broom... so that the person throwing the rock has something to aim at. The skips flunkies sweep like mad while the skip stands there and screams at you to sweep harder..... If you are on the broom you threw it where you were suppose to.... however, to me this is what on the broom means...

Once again I will direct you to Wikpedia if you really want to know everything there is to know about the history and origins of the game

I am suppose to be doing a bead making demo at the mainland high school today... but since the roads are more suitable for curling than driving I have been postponed ... so much for the 30 beads I spent all week making to hand out...

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