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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Google rejected ME!

I went to log on this morning and Google has reformated and my old password was to short so I just kept getting kicked out.... but I figured it out.. so I'm BACK!

Today you are getting a link to a Sacher Torte recipe ... nope I'm not typing it here. We have one but it's way to long for me to type so I hope this one is good. If you start cooking today you might have in done in time to eat at your bathtub party on Friday! I met my first Sacher Torte at a small Hotel in a ski resort in Austria when I was 12... Not sure how close it was to the famous original recipe (sounds like KFC!) but it was definitely a memorable cake!

I lived in Switzerland when I was 12 this was sort of a spring break... however if you didn't go skiing someplace you were expected to go to school!

The history of the cake can be found here (You can actually order one from there too!) Thought about borrowing a picture from their site too.. but you can go look for yourself!

Enjoy! Let me know if anyone makes this.. I tried to make biscotti last night but discvoered half way through that the only flour we had in the house was Whole Wheat... doesn't work quite the same as pastry flour! I will be making a secohnd batch tomorrow!

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