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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mitten Trees

Well today is December 6th which makes it Mitten Tree Day.... I'd never heard of a Mitten tree until I moved here in 2001. The local church has had a Mitten tree for ever... The woman that organizes it is in her 80's and started it when she moved here. (married here!)

She is like me from AWAY... it doesn't matter how long you live here you will always be from AWAY... even if you have children who marry locals... their "mother" will still be from AWAY...

Our Mitten Tree is a tree that is decorated in 'hand' knit mittens that are collected and donated to a local charity just before Christmas so that everyone has mittens for Christmas. 50 years ago I'm sure all of the mittens actually were hand-knit... now I'm sure some aren't as it's now cheaper to buy mitts than it is to buy the wool/yarn to make the mitts!

This isn't our mitten tree but check this link for a Mitten Tree in Ottawa ON

So knit some mitts from scrap or buy a pair of mitts and add them to your local mitten tree... I'm sure there is some little pair of hands out there somewhere that is cold!

I knit but, most of my knitting now is down with wool which I then felt on the driveway (that's another BLOG!) ... This is a hat pre felting.... My husband would say this is one of my better angles and yes the picture is sideways................... But you get the idea!
(Darth Vader in Red?)

I think most everyday knitting these years is done from love, or boredom... there is no way with the cost of modern day yarns that knitting is an economical way to put sweaters into your closet!

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