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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday & Bead Table Wednesday (BTW)

 Latest panel....  It's actually sitting upside down in my family room window... but I have figured out how to hang it... then it should be off to it's new home!
The scarf... I need to finish the ends... think I will make a flower out of the left over beads and yarn... Anyone have any nice flower patterns... I have a few but they're for felting so not nearly enough stitches!  I took too long to get back to it after I finished the first end ... so the two ends didn't match so I had to rip back end number one and redo it....  the scarf was actually started in the middle and knitted towards the ends....

And...  I did get my tooth refilled the day after the original attempt....  1 month + two days later it's still holding.... and I'm getting used to the tooth's new shape!


Pricilla said...

The panel is stunning. The scarf looks so ethereal.

kath001 said...

The panel really is beautiful. I love its sense of movement.

And the scarf is lovely as well.