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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Sale in my Etsy Store & Mothers Day promotion on Starving Artist Forum

Check out my Etsy store... I'm having an April Fools Sale...  The sale will be in effect the entire month of April, 20% off store wide  Just in time for Mother's day!

Ths is my newest electroformed tree bead... It's headed towards etsy.. but I haven't found my caliphers and my camera in the same place yet.... I really like how this turned out!  (and yes the little wonky stand will be included!)

As for the Starving Artists Mothers Day Promotion... you get 'ballots' for doing Social Media things.... Here's a link to the Starving Artists Blog of all the ways you can get ballots to win one of three gift certificates from the  starving jewelry artists shops that are listed in that blog post!  You can spend the 'money' in any participating shops... Buying something from me doesn't get you any extra ballots but it will make me happy... and I make much nicer beads when I'm happy then when I'm sad!


Pricilla said...

It's really pretty. I like the way the electoforming came out.

Red Bird Jewellery said...

gorgeous bead - really pretty