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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's COld here!

OK Cold is relative I grew up in the prairies... when Canada still used Farenheit... School in the Canadian Prairies is NEVER cancelled unless a water main breaks! Buses quit running at -30 C that's -22 F, but the schools stay open... Kids who bus have to play catch up!

If it snows the buses might run late.. but they run and the schools are open! Here threat of snowflake and the schools are CLOSED... especaily if that threat is a monday or friday!

I've lived here for 9 years, Today is -15 C that's +5 F , That would have been a warm day in February in Alberta when I was growing up ... we still would have got to go out for recess!

After 9 years here I am now a wuss... granted the wind blowing off of the North Atlantic does have a major cooling effect... I think the air here is also more humid which makes it feel colder.... Can I hibernate until August?

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Pricilla said...

We have had a relatively mild winter. Except for one week below 0 F of course :)

Sorry you are so cold