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Friday, January 15, 2010

Starving artists Group

Or on Etsy Sateam , if you want to support a group of talented Starving Artists that's what you need to type into your search on Etsy! I found this on their blog a few minutes ago.... The Link if you want to read all of Sateam Sez....

My neighbour really did say this... I'm not sure what she thinks is an appropriate Christmas present, obviously not something that belongs on or under a workbench!

"Fireball Beeds sez: For Christmas I got a piece of paper saying that I could pick myself out a tool box on wheels... I told one of my neighbors that that was what I got and she said I hoped you smacked him for that... I said no I want that... she looked at me like I'd lost what few brains she gives me credit for having.... Oh well... I have a really good selection of tools just nowhere to put them!

New jellyfish bead from me!
SATeam sez: That's a GORGEOUS bead! Your jellyfish looks so real, as if it's really in the ocean.
Obviously not a tool box on wheels!


Pricilla said...

Beautiful bead and sounds like a great gift to me!

Beadwright said...

I love this bead.