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Monday, January 18, 2010

More about Bead Soup

This is what I sent my partner in 'Bead Soup Blog Party' Today was the mailing deadline... My Beads are going to England and I'm getting my stash from England... Deadline to have things made is Feb 10 (which is also my father's birthday and my/our anniversary) The question is will the international postal systems even deliver our beads by then!

Here's Joanne's blog (my partner!) While your checking out her blog scroll back to January 10 and look at the lego ball winder for wool!


JBird's Garden said...

What a pretty set! Your new friend over the water should LOVE these!

Now a follower!

Beth said...

Beautiful beads! Isn't this fun?!

Jo said...

Oh WOW! I was going to be good, I really wasn't going to have a look and wait until they arrived but I couldn't help myself!
Thank you so much Lynne - they are beautiful, I've got some ideas already!

Pretty Things said...

GORGEOUS! I love the teal!

Pricilla said...

I'm sure she will have fun with them!

Islandgirl said...

YOu should love the teal ... it was $80 a pound... it's one of those luxo silver glasses... but everything it went near cracked... works for hollows with stringers though!

I can't get over how clean that glass was... no scum at all!