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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Fling Sale on Etsy

The Lest Team on etsy has been reincarnated as Fire Divas.. in honor of our new group we are having a spring fling sale!

COME SHOPPING AND SAVE 20% on anything in my store that has a flower... even if I don't have it tagged as a 'Fire Divas' 'Spring Fling" sale bead if you can find a flower it's 20% off (25% off if you have bought from me before) AND.... if you buy a bead with a flower anything else you buy will also be 20% off .... You can pay at the checkout as usual and I will refund the discount or you can convo me and I'll send you an invoice!!

Sale in effect NOW until March 30 (my husbands 60th Birthday!) To search for other participants just search Spring Fling ...

I want to sell my old flowers so that my new ones don't feel overcrowded!


Pricilla said...

Well Happy Early Birthday to G!

storybeader said...

I looked around at the Spring Fling! Oooooh!