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Monday, June 29, 2015

My Cat's had kittens!

I bought a metal press from Bavarian Beads in November.  First bead I mad with it I added glass to the top edge instant ears... and decided that the bead looked like cat heads and that's all I've made with the press cat head after cat head after cat head.....
The most recent batch of kittens!

A black raku kitty 'torti' with a custom enameled clasp because 2mm findings don't fit 2 mm leather cord!

This might eventually end up on my etsy site but at the moment they are being adopted as fast as mommy kitty can produce them!


kath001 said...

So happy one came to my house!

Jen said...

Those are SO cute! I can see why they are being "adopted" as fast as they are ;o)

Cat said...

Sometimes I sneak a moment in to have a look at mine without my cats knowing ... I don't want them to get jealous ;-)
I know the right idea for them will come to me eventually.