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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jewelry Artisans Blog Carnival .... Mother's Day 2012

Time for the monthly Jewelery Artisans Community Blog Carnival... this months topic is mothers day but since I don't really make themed jewellery and we don't seem to celebrate mother's day......

I've spent a lot of time since we got home from our weekend at Saltscapes in Halifax setting up the gallery for the summer... I was there helping promote our local Tourism Organization CCRTA... and no it doesn't have anything to do with Credence Clearwater Revival (although CCR music playing in the background would be preferable to elevator music!)  In this case CCR stands for Charlotte Coastal Region .... Which is an area strung along the North Shore of the Beginning of the Bay of Fundy

I'm gearing up for summer in the gallery... My new pottery started coming in before we left for Edmonton in early April so by the time it was all here and unpacked I could no longer see the living room floor... I unpack in the living room because it has a carpet (tile is very unforgiving) and I can spread it out without mucking up the gallery if some unsuspecting tourist actually stops and wants something other than directions back to the ferry! I really should have taken a picture as the floor was totally covered.... Big problem... The gallery looked really good before I tried to add another 6 or 7 cubic feet of pottery...  This may be the year for the first annual I bought to much new stock sale.... Table outside July 1-4 weekend?

Yesterday I spent adding new jewellery to the gallery... yes I sell jewellery that I don't make... there are people out there that don't like glass beads! I don't understand that but there is no accounting for taste!

Two days ago I was in the hot tub and a hummingbird buzzed me and tried to grab some of my hair on the way by!..... nest building....? I've never seen a hummingbird nest  Wonder if she though my hair was a replacement for spiders webs or if it was funny coloured lichen?

I won't be doing anything for mother's day... my mother is 4000 km away and although my son is only 90 minutes away he was here once this week already fixing the hot tub controller.... So to all you mothers out there who celebrate this Hallmark Holiday...  
Happy Mother's Day! 
To me it's just another day in the life of a self employed artsit!

I leave you with the closest thing to a bouquet of flowers that I have! A new set of tiny enameled Poppy headpins!

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Cat said...

You sound very busy!
I would have loved to see a picture of your gallery stuffed like that ... next time maybe? ;-)

kath001 said...

Pretty poppies! I have yet to do a thing with mine.

I'm happier to spend pleasant non-event time with the kids than the forced holiday-type days.

brokenteepee said...

Have fun setting up the gallery. I would love to see photos since unlike you seeing my place, I will most likely never see yours.

JewelryArtByDawn said...

Sounds like your life is busy and full. No need for a special holiday when you're already having so much fun.

Would have liked to see all that pottery spread about too.

The poppy bouquet is adorable!

Islandgirl said...

Never again am I going to have pottery from 4 artists mixed together all over the living room... next year it will be unpacked and put in the gallery as it arrives! Yeea right!

BluMoon said...

Hey Lynne, hope your having a good if busy day. I just put up the second give away do pop over if you get a minute!

Ness said...

Your hummingbird encounter sounds so exotic to me, here in rainy England! I'd also love to see any gallery photos you'd care to share ;)

Love the headpins, they're so cool!

Karen Williams said...

I would definitely love to see pictures of your gallery! Maybe when you finish setting it up for summer? Just wish you weren't so far away - id love to come see it.

Speaking of seeing it, I have seen a hummingbird's nest, once when I was a child. It was about the size of a saucer from a little girl's tea set, but deeper. And it had two tiny baby humming birds in it. It was perched in the branches of a tiny tree, maybe only six feet off the ground and the tree was in the planting strip on the edge of a busy street, between the sidewalk and the street. So open, but everyone was being so careful of it. One of the local businesses had even set up a guard!

PyxeeStyx said...

I am absolutely in love with those enameled poppy headpins. Please do tell , where on earth do I get those. are you selling them in your gallery? Thanks