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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Better Late than Never!

OK ... Deer proofing my Magnolia worked!  I have flowers!  My car had it's battery replaced yesterday... It's been a bit flaky for the last couple of years...  When we took it out we noticed it was the original battery... Don't think car batteries are suppose to las for 17 years!

My magnolia may have flowers but the deer took out their frustrations on my lily's instead this year.. they are all chewed off at ground level!

Where have I been....  Edmonton....  There should have been a post before this as I've been home for over a week however Air Canada borrowed our luggage for awhile...., this after deliverying us home a day late...  then I misplaced my camera cable...

Yesterday I spent trying to find the living room floor.....  Summer stock for the gallery has been arriving for the last month.... I've been unpacking in the living room and then leaving the pottery there hoping some good fairy would find room in the gallery for it and put it into the computer... no such luck, still have one artist to go ..... then  wait for the elusive customer.....
Here's the finished afgan....  Forgot to take it's picture at Christmas!


BluMoon said...

Hi Lynn, your weather must be looking up if you have a Magnolia in bloom ours has been terrible so late in the year some of the trees still have little or no leaves!
I have a Give Away over on my blog if you are interested pop over and take a look.

Islandgirl said...

We don't have real leaves yet just a green glow. Here's a link to Jackie's blog giveaway...(extended to May 12)

Karen Williams said...

Sounds like you've been crazy busy lately! Remember to take time to breathe. :)

The colors in your afghan are really pretty.