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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jewelry Artisans Network... Spring Plans & Dancing with Tangerine Tango

I try not to have any plans.. that said I signed up for a tangerine tango jewellery blog hop quite awhile ago... reveal day is today (this is actually being typed on March 10... I have two weeks to figure out what I'm doing or I can dust off my first bead soup project which I think fits both spring and tangerine tango perfectly!
(silver leaves came from Jo of Daisychain Designs in England)

My  plans for spring this year where to stay home... start a bunch of seeds...  but my mother decided that I should come/go to Edmonton for two weeks just after Easter... so there goes my poor little seeds I've left them under the care of my husbands crispy brown thumb before.....

Other spring plans that I might keep  spend less time on the computer and more time doing things that will expand my jewellery business and gallery.... well if I spent my time on the computer promoting myself and listing things on etsy instead of playing scrabble and freecell (someone suggested that you could play all the free cell games ... I believe there are 100000... I started at 1 at the beginning of the year I'm now at 371... I have won all of those... some have taken awhile; at 5 per day it will take another  56 years to finish!)  But at least both those games require my little brain cells to be engaged!

I am having fun doing the torch fired enamels... need to design a line of jewellery around my headpins... or get a potter to make me some miniature vases and just sell them as bouquets!  This boquet has sold and is now living in Texas.

Yes I did actually  make a Tangerine Tango necklace  It looked closer to the colour before I took pictures....

The 'focal' is green  afterall this is suppose to be a spring themed blog not an autumn blog...  The orange really is much closer to the 'Pantone' colour in real life!

Actually this necklace doesn't thrill me ... I think it needs a second strand.... Or it might just  be added to the pile of necklaces that I have done for various challenges over the years.. I think I may have to find a larger drawer!

And just to prove it's spring Look what I found in the garden!

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Cat said...

You have more plans than I do!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures of your pieces, I really like those headpins!!

brokenteepee said...

You are a challenged woman

Karen Williams said...

I had to laugh - my husband introduced me to Bejeweled on my phone, and now I'm addicted. Every time I board a bus, I whip my phone out to 'play a little more'. And then I find myself trying to finish a level as I walk from the bus to my house. Definitely dangerous - for quite a number of different reasons!

But on to your art - I love the open design of your Tangerine Tango necklace. I'm afraid it reads 'fall' as much as 'spring' to me, but the design is wonderful. For some reason I keep thinking it has a psuedo medieval feel. I think your lacework enamel beads remind me of the medieval pomanders, and the necklace reminds me of a chatelaine's belt. So I totally like it!

And good luck to your little seeds!

kath001 said...

I like it, though it doesn't scream SPRING to me.

And if I could curb my computer time I would be SO much more productive! Very common malady.

Jeanne/J3Jewelry said...

Sounds like a busy spring! Just love your headpins! That bouquet was a creative idea!

JewelryArtByDawn said...

Love your tangerine tango designs and I'm especially in love with your gorgeous enameled headpins bouquet.

I think you are onto something great with these!

Yay for the yellow crocuses too - Spring really is coming soon!

BluMoon said...

Love your enamel headpins Lynne, I see spring has sprung at last in your garden!

Carole said...

Ooooh, love the enameled headpins. Torch-firing is fun, isn't it? I can relate to the wasted computer time. In addition to Bejeweled, I can spend many hours playing such intellectually stimulating games such as Spider Solitaire and Hearts.

Ness said...

Fabulous necklaces! I really love those headpins too.

It's great to have you back in the blog carnival :)