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Monday, February 6, 2012

New 'Dungeon' heart Countertop... Just in time for Valentines!

My dungeon is being redone... at least the bathroom is


Both the floor and the sink had rotted through
Wall backing onto dungeon workspace.... containing unloved furniture left by former owner!

New floor is concrete... will have some sort of removable tiles and the wall into my dungeon studio is now a half wall except for the 'toilet room' or WC.

New counter top.... I actually had 7 kilos of beads sorted that were suppose to be part of the counter... but all that went in were a few hearts which I place by hand  after the fact!

It will have an under mount porcelain sink... that will not rot through!

1 comment:

Pricilla said...

How nice for you. I understand the "fun" of building.....