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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fins Go Better with Coke

This is the painting that I donated to the Guess Who Mystery Art Auction that was held last weekend in St Andrews. It was a fund Raiser for Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature centre. There were 103; 8 * 6 inch paintings.

The audience picked numbers as they arrived, then the numbers were drawn. If your number was drawn you got to pick which painting you wanted to buy., all the paintings cost $90. This one was picked about 50th... half way through.

There was a number of well known artists contributing including Robert Bateman... still don't know which painting was his!

My number was the 75th number drawn... there was actually still one painting left that we liked so we bought it and ran ... we were down to 5 minutes or spending the night on the main land... , at least that's what we thought, turned out that they were holding the ferry on Deer Island for an ambulance so we could have spent another 30 minutes at the 'auction'. However since there was nothing left that we wanted there was really no point hanging around other than to see who took what. And maybe wait for the great reveal....

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Pricilla said...

She's very flirty...