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Friday, May 29, 2009

Little old Lady from Pasedena

It's the little old lady from Pasadena

The little old lady from Pasadena
Has a pretty little flower bed of white gardenias
But parked in a rickety old garage is a brand-new, shiny red, super stock Dodge

(*)And everybody's saying that there's nobody meaner than the little old lady from Pasadena
She drives real fast, and she drives real hard
She's the terror of Colorado Boulevard
It's the little old lady from Pasadena

If you see her on the street don't try to choose her
You might drive a (?) but you'll never lose her
Well, she's gonna get a ticket now, sooner or later
'Cause she can't keep her foot off the accelerator

Well... I got a speeding ticket 2 days before I left for GA.... The constable that stopped me kept telling me that I would get to talk to the man with the LIDAR gun... (new improved kind of radar... fail proof idiot proof. ….) today... my day in court!

{The man with the lidar may have clocked someone in a red car going significantly over the speed limit but it wasn’t yours truly…. The guy that stopped me got the WRONG red car!!!! (I may have been going slight faster than the suggested speed limit.... but I wasn’t going anywhere close to the speed he claimed I was!)}

SO I went to SJ last night 140 mile return trip spent the night in town... so that I would get my day in court…. Guess what ….... did I get to talk to anyone... no I got to plead guilty... my court date is OCTOBER 30... do you think anybody is going to remember anything as insignificant as a speeding ticket 7 months after the infraction... Do you have any idea how much it costs to have everyone go to court twice for a insignificant speeding ticket... this is right up there with Delta Airlines wanting to charge me $150 for being 1 pound over on my checked baggage!

There were 5 sheriffs in court, one judge, one crown lawyer, one police constable at the table with the lawyer, and a records' clerk, and then there were 3 more sheriffs standing outside the court…. You do the math!

Oh and PS I drive a Red Mustang not "DODGE"!


Pricilla said...

Uhm, do you want me to send Abby up there to butt them for you? She's available....

Islandgirl said...

Sure I'll take Abby to court with me in October... I'm sure she would be a real hit... can I have the kid too?

ShinyAdornments said...

Oh, THANKS Lynne, now I'll be humming that song for the rest of the morning.

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